Virtual Communication

Is it possible to communicate too much during a crisis? Let’s dig into that question a bit. During a crisis, emotions tend to run higher than normal, for everyone. And the default setting for most people during such a period is to hyper communicate. The common wisdom is that “more information is better” during a […]

Like many of you, I crave good communication from the people I lean on in a crisis. I look to the leaders in my life… political, business, personal… and I lean on them for good communication when things are bad. I prefer good communication all the time. But I need good communication during a crisis. […]

Last week, we hosted a free lunchtime conversation to share our observations on the “new normal” world we have all been thrust into. We covered some of the obvious communication implications of this new world, but our conversation went well beyond that. This health crisis has impacted not just the way we communicate, but the […]

To The Latimer Group Community, We hope you are doing as well as possible, given the rapidly changing health and business environment. Our team has been working remotely since last week, and we remain ready and fully equipped to continue to provide you with the necessary communication coaching and training. We are all managing new […]

We have been meeting virtually for a long time, and the ability to use virtual meeting platforms to get people together is not at all new. My colleagues and I have been communicating and teaching via WebEx since The Latimer Group started nearly twenty years ago. But like many organizations, virtual communication tools have been […]

This post was written by Kendra Raguckas, Director of Instructional Design & Technology at The Latimer Group. Like many of you, during this time of uncertainty, The Latimer Group is working remotely. This is a new normal for most of our team and there has been some adjustment to our communication as we transition to virtual […]