This post was written by Lauren St. Germain, Facilitator and Coach for The Latimer Group. Every year, our CEO and Co-Founder, Dean, shares his advice on how to give a great wedding toast.  This year, I told him I wanted to have a crack at providing some advice and started my making my own independent list of […]

I spoke at a professional networking group last week, with a room full of CIOs and IT Leaders. It was a wonderful event, with tons of great questions, stories and discussions. But one story really resonated with me, and I have not stopped thinking about it since. One of the leaders in the room took […]

This post was written by Jess Feldt, Facilitator and Coach at The Latimer Group. As we gradually return to our physical workplaces, one might assume that the era of virtual meetings would dwindle. Yet, the reality is quite the opposite. Even as we RTO (Return-to-Office) many of us continue to meet virtually, whether it’s because […]

Embrace the Silence

Posted On May 14, 2024 BY

“Music is the space between the notes.” ~Claude DeBussy In many workshops, we see two parallel fears come up over and over. People fear silence when they’re speaking. Silence makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, they often fill the silence with more sound — extra words and non-words (we call them “verbal pauses’). And at the same time, people fear […]

This post was written by Lauren St. Germain, Facilitator and Coach for The Latimer Group. If you’ve ever taken one of our workshops, you know this: we cover a lot of information. We challenge you with new mindsets, equip you with new toolsets and teach you new skillsets. And we do this intentionally. We want to share […]

We spend a ton of time helping our participants make the most persuasive argument possible, and are constantly hearing presentations seeking approvals, alignment, resources or a sale of some kind. And in many cases, we are helping our youngest clients advocate for themselves in a job interview. All of us need to be good advocates […]

The New Communication Age

Posted On May 1, 2024 BY

The world is moving fast, the information and the content are coming at us as if from a fire hose… time is precious… organizations are leaner… attention spans have dropped… and everyone is being socially conditioned to “change the channel” very quickly. In other words, there is a world of opportunity for the person (and […]

How often do you sit in a meeting, or on a conference call, or listen to a presentation, and feel disengaged within the first two to three minutes? Yep… me too. It usually takes speakers forever to simply get to the point, and find ways to engage the audience. And by the time they do, […]

Executive Presence in 2024

Posted On April 25, 2024 BY

This post was written by Jay Prewitt, Director of Coaching and Facilitation at The Latimer Group. The landscape of our professional world has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past 12 years. Reflecting on this evolution prompts a natural question: how has executive presence adapted to these changes? While enduring principles remain steadfast, the dynamism of our […]

Good morning friends! A very quick post today. We talk a LOT here at The Latimer Group about message development. It is central to almost everything we teach and coach. And one element of message development that is often overlooked, or at a minimum underestimated, is the process of figuring out what NOT say in […]

A book about change

The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.