Great communication does not just happen. It requires thought, preparation, practice… and it requires a philosophy. There are many philosophies out there in the 21st century business world. But here is what works for us (and our clients tell us it works for them as well): Great communication requires a few key ingredients, which are the basis […]

Understanding the Perception Gap

Posted On January 24, 2022 BY

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Facilitator and Coach at The Latimer Group. We all see things differently. Thanks, Captain Obvious! Yes, it’s a truism, but why is this one so important to you as a communicator? You have to understand the perception gap — the difference between what you said and what was […]

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Facilitation & Evaluation at The Latimer Group.  Author Amy Chua said this, and she is right. Speaking a language that isn’t your native tongue requires taking risks and facing difficulty. It requires embracing the idea that any imperfections are less important than communicating your opinion, feeling, or request. […]

Speaking Tips: Intent vs Impact

Posted On January 19, 2022 BY

Here is a common scenario that I have watched and experienced many times: the words that were spoken/written by someone were received in way that was different from the intended impact. The message that was received or the feeling that was created was not at all what the speaker/writer was trying to send or create. […]

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Facilitation & Evaluation at The Latimer Group.  Inspirational speakers have voices that endure long past their lifetime. The voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lives on – thanks in part to recordings – but primary thanks to his ability to inspire. As a child listening […]

Hello friends! We recently added a new element to our website, where you can submit your communication questions directly to us. We will collect the questions, and either answer directly back to you, or when appropriate, publish a series of questions and our answers on our blog. Our goal here is to give you some […]

Keeping your energy level up all the time is hard. We all get tired. We all get frustrated. We all get sick of our work/colleagues/friends/selves. And when we are any of these things, our productivity suffers. One of the best quotes I have ever heard (well… more of an attitude than a quote) is that positivity […]

Investing Wisely

Posted On January 10, 2022 BY

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Facilitation & Evaluation at The Latimer Group. A single word can have tremendous power. It can focus and center us, and inspire. Five years ago, I was introduced to the practice of choosing a single word to launch a new year, in place of resolutions. That […]

I Trust, Therefore I Can

Posted On January 7, 2022 BY

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. Confidence is not a trait. It is a behavior. In fact, confidence comes from the Latin verb confido, confidere, meaning “to trust.” When we trust ourselves, our skills, our experience, our decisions, and our ability, we feel and project confidence. When […]

Showing your audience respect has a lot of great payoffs. It makes your audience feel engaged and positive, it can enable a culture of buy-in, in which people feel committed not only to execute a plan or implement a new product but to make it succeed… and it can make you a more specific, persuasive […]

A book about change

The Latimer Corporation’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.