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Watch What You Say (To Yourself)

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Business Development at The Latimer Group. My boss and I were on a recent call with a friend we admire, and we were all commenting how the prior week, roughly eight weeks into the lockdown, had been emotionally challenging one for all of us. Our friend said, […]

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4 Steps to Leading a Better Conference Call

A survey from Raindance Communications looked at the issue of multitasking. And for those of you who regularly lead conference calls (like me), brace yourselves… the numbers ain’t pretty. These stats are a little dated but still eye-opening. According to this survey: 90% of people surveyed said they multitask while on conference calls; 70% reported doing other, unrelated work; 50% […]

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My Parallel Poker Life

I am a poker player. I love the odds, the strategy, the bluffing, the reading of the other players, and most of all the social interaction. I play a couple of times a month with friends, never online with strangers. And only for low stakes… very low stakes. I just enjoy the experience. Just like everything […]

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The Message Makeover Minute: Anxiety? Remember Your Fundamentals

A lot of our clients tell us that the new increase in “virtual communication” causes anxiety for a number of reasons: technology, “etiquette,” and so on… However, some basic communication skills will always apply… Fall back on those basic tenets when feeling anxious about the “new” communication concepts that come along, and that anxiety should […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: Be Patient

One of the ways I have been dealing with the unknowns of the current health and economic crisis is by reaching out to people around me. A few weeks ago, I made a list of about 20 people in my life that I wanted to speak to… fellow business owners, long-time friends, former mentors and […]

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Introducing The Message Makeover Minute

Welcome to The Message Makeover Minute, our newest way of connecting with you about great communication skills. We’ll share coaching and communication advice in short easy-to-absorb videos from several of The Latimer Group’s team members. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing these insights in new ways, and we hope you’ll enjoy the […]

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The Silence is Louder Than Ever

I was listening in on a conference call last week, with a decent sized audience. The leader of the call was working really hard to manage the call, bring some energy to it, engage people. He had clearly spent a lot of time thinking about what he was going to say. His message was positive, […]

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Conversation is More Than Just the Words

The last time my wife and I socialized in-person with friends was Saturday, February 29, 2020. Since then, in case you hadn’t heard, there has been a bit of a health crisis, that has made in-person socializing nearly impossible. Our family has been following all of the social distancing guidelines really carefully.  Quite simply, and […]

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Now is the Time for Reinvention

We are experiencing a once-in-a-generation shakeup in the way we do, well… everything. We are watching it and living it in real time. The way we work, the way we go to school, the way we socialize, the way we do everything has been shaken up, and quickly. And at the most macro level, we […]

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