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Communicating During a Crisis: What’s Too Much?

Is it possible to communicate too much during a crisis? Let’s dig into that question a bit. During a crisis, emotions tend to run higher than normal, for everyone. And the default setting for most people during such a period is to hyper communicate. The common wisdom is that “more information is better” during a […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: What’s Required?

Like many of you, I crave good communication from the people I lean on in a crisis. I look to the leaders in my life… political, business, personal… and I lean on them for good communication when things are bad. I prefer good communication all the time. But I need good communication during a crisis. […]

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4 Simple Ways to Be a Better Listener

I’m thinking a lot about how well we listen. How well do you actually listen to the people around you? Do you think you listen well? Are you sure? I think I listen well, most of the time. When I focus on it, which is often, I listen really well. But it is really easy […]

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The Additional (and Unexpected) Benefit of Virtual Communication

We have been meeting virtually for a long time, and the ability to use virtual meeting platforms to get people together is not at all new. My colleagues and I have been communicating and teaching via WebEx since The Latimer Group started nearly twenty years ago. But like many organizations, virtual communication tools have been […]

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Virtual Meetings: Preparing for the New Normal in Communication

This post was written by Kendra Raguckas, Director of Instructional Design & Technology at The Latimer Group. Like many of you, during this time of uncertainty, The Latimer Group is working remotely. This is a new normal for most of our team and there has been some adjustment to our communication as we transition to virtual […]

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In Times Like This…

Well now… is anyone else having a tough week? Raise your hand if this past week or two have been unlike anything you have ever been through before. (Please know that I have both my hands raised right now.) Scary times, indeed. We are in the midst of a health crisis that, while we have […]

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Your Inner Voice: Choosing the Script and Tone

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. A lot has changed since I wrote this post three weeks ago, and for me the topic is even more critical now. Managing our self-talk in situations of anxiety and uncertainty is essential in allowing us to function – both for […]

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Good Communication Will (and Must) Continue

Hello clients and friends, Over the last few days, we have been on the phone with many of our contacts at our client companies, and everyone we have spoken to is in agreement on the following: We are living in challenging, uncertain and rapidly-changing times. There is no denying that. Among the many aspects of […]

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