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Our Story

The idea for The Latimer Group was born in September 2000 in Grand Canyon National Park

Comms Change

Dean and Emily Brenner broke camp down by the Colorado River after several days in the Canyon. And in the pre-dawn darkness and chilly September temperatures, they started the hike up The Bright Angel Trail, with 4500 hundred feet of elevation change to the South Rim in front of them. While on this hike, and while continuing the “what are we going to do next” conversation they had been having for months, Emily said the magic words… “Dean you love to coach, and you have always been a good public speaker. Build a business around that.” That’s where The Latimer Group comes from. That’s our origin story.

The business was launched officially in 2002, and today, we are a firm of sixteen professionals serving a global client base. We are an agile, communications training and coaching firm that helps professionals – from the C Suite all the way down through the org chart – find their voice. We are a new kind of communications coaching and training company, one that envisions a world where anyone can be a persuasive, next-level communicator. And over the past 20+ years, our clients have spoken clearly, demonstrating year after year an indisputable need for what we teach.

Over the last twenty years, as the business world has become noisier, more crowded and more digital, powerful communication has become indispensable, a “must have” for every company, every leader, and every professional. In response to these realities, we have developed The Latimer Model, along with an array of services that empower the individual and the organization to communicate with effective persuasiveness – internally and externally, formally and informally, in person and online, across all platforms.

We’ve grown into a dynamic company that partners with organizations of all sizes, across all industries. And we support the aspiring professional as well, with services that will help people sell themselves and get professionally launched. But regardless of client, our fundamental principles and approach to teaching remains the same—we engage each organization and each individual participant in an authentic and direct way. We bring The Latimer Model to life, all day, every day.

We believe that great communication skills change the world.

We believe that great communication is teachable and achievable for every person and every organization.

Our mission is to make that happen for our clients.

That’s our story. Let us help you tell yours. Convincingly. Concisely. Persuasively.