Who We Are.

We are an agile boutique coaching and training firm that specializes in coaching and training persuasive communication skills.

Over the last twenty years, we have collected significant data about the communication realities inside corporate entities. The statistics for the average professional are astounding:

of their time spent communicating

of their time lost due to bad communication behaviors

Net result is significant time wasted, missed opportunities and lack of alignment

We help organizations of all sizes solve these problems through The Latimer Model: a suite of mindsets, toolsets and skillsets, taught to more than 20,000 participants worldwide.

We provide the blueprint for communication success, through a scalable, repeatable process of standard work.

Powerful communication skills have an immediate and tangible bottom-line impact on every business and every career.

We help clients realize that impact.

The Latimer Model

Our Model for persuasive communication provides frameworks that empower clients to speak clearly and concisely, with a focus on influencing outcomes and building consensus. Learn More.

The Latimer Model

At a Glance

Founded in 2002
Experienced team of 15
20,000+ individuals trained
Focused Expertise
Exclusive focus on persuasive communication skills
Multiple Solutions
Workshops, coaching & keynotes
Virtual & on-site
Self-paced online courses
Delighted Clients
99.2% of participants recommend our workshops
Client Retention
Average 11-year relationships with largest clients
Diverse Clients
Global client base in a wide range of industries

20 Years of Impact

Over the last two decades, the world has evolved a great deal.

And our thinking has evolved with it. But a few things remain just as essential to our thinking today, as they did twenty years ago. We have always believed that great communication skills can change the world, which has never been more true than it is today.

We have also always believed in the importance of awareness, preparation and practice as fundamental to great communication skills. Which is one of several reasons why The Latimer Model continues to be taught and absorbed over and over and over again… 20,000+ workshop participants, and

Here are some of our key lessons from our first 20 years.

The Latimer Gr20up