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No two clients are the same. Which means that no two client assignments are the same.

Help us understand the unique communication challenges you and your organization face. We are ready to provide you with the communication coaching, training and learning solutions that will help bring your organization to the next level.


    The Latimer Group’s average length of client relationship is 11 years, with a satisfaction rate among individual course, workshop and coaching participants of 99.2%.

    Overwhelming and Amazing Results

    What Dean and the Latimer Group provided over those few days have literally changed my life. The instructional points were basic and simple to implement, but when applied to training presentations the results are overwhelming and amazing.


    Immediate Results

    Today I used (the executive open) at the meeting / presentation to one of our largest customers whose sales are in a decline…. I’m pleased to say, I got most of what I wanted (needed!) and through discussion, we developed a couple of my initial ideas into better outcomes for both parties, which will have a great impact on our business and long-term relationship!

    Sales & Marketing Director

    We All Communicate

    Those who deal a lot with zoom sessions or in person seminars, people who are presenting to groups and really need to understand how to present themselves in an efficient manner will benefit greatly from this course.

    Aaron Brown
    Financial Advisor

    Sharper Presentations

    Each of the sessions I have attended allowed me to grow in my ability to compose a slide deck and sharpened my presentations. Those enhanced skills now serve me to be a better employee, a clearer communicator, and a more effective leader.

    Tom T
    Logistics Leader


    I cannot overstate how helpful these frameworks are to me. The course was great practice and shifted the way I prepare for every meeting I attend.

    Brendan Feeley
    Product and Growth Lead / Evernorth

    Wish I Knew This 30 Years Ago

    I once again had an opportunity this week to utilize what I was taught on a presentation to one of our executive directors. There were fewer questions, less confusion on the intent of what the message was, took less time to present, and better responses to the material from the audience… Wish I knew this 30 years ago.

    John M
    Design Chief / Collins Aerospace

    Leadership Development Programs

    The group’s final presentations went really well! They were well prepared and came across as naturals. They shared positive feedback during the wrap up around the recorded practice sessions. Although awkward, they really appreciated the opportunity to be recorded and review how they were coming across. I’m looking forward to sending my new cohort through this training again in a few months!

    Leadership Development Program Manager / Raytheon Technologies

    Slide Deck Efficiency

    We cut the slides we presented last week to 3, redacted over half the words, tackled the key issue upfront… and closed it with the slide everyone liked.  We got to an in principle “yes, can you send me this” in just 19 minutes on what scheduled to be a 1-hour call!  We debriefed after and still had 30 minutes to spare 😊

    Department Head / Arch Capital

    Powerful Training

    Having worked with The Latimer Group at a previous company, I reached out and they were able to quickly support our team with an insightful and robust training plan in order to convey their Persuasive Communication methodology to our group. Not only was the training powerful, it delivered immediate benefit with the learning being applied by our teams within hours of the session’s closing.

    Martyn Lawns
    Global Head of Business Development / DHL

    Extension of our Learning Team

    The Latimer Group is an extension of our learning team. Thanks to Latimer’s expertise in elearning design, communication content and facilitation, we were able to quickly respond, and help our employees adapt to our all new virtual world. This made a positive business impact for our employees, and our agents. Our strategic partnership makes all the difference.

    Emily Robbins
    Director of Talent Development / Hanover Insurance

    Trusted Business Partner

    The Latimer Group has justifiably earned their reputation of being a trusted and respected business partner. They combine Learning, highly interactive workshops, detailed follow-up development plans, and reinforcement content into a complete approach to learning. They are truly the experts in persuasive communication.

    Jennifer McDougal
    Specialist / Pratt & Whitney

    Lasting Impact

    I have been working with The Latimer Group for more than 10 years and the impact has been significant. Once our leaders were trained in the system, they modeled strong persuasive communication skills for their teams and cascaded the learnings throughout the entire organization.

    Sue Spence
    Vice President, Sourcing & Procurement / FedEx