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Models of good communication

Working with The Latimer Group means that you’ll interact with multiple team members beyond Dean Brenner, the CEO and founder. Each person works in a defined area of authority for the client, and works in a team model (defined roles, structured communication, individual accountability) to move client work forward. The Latimer Group models the clarity we engineer into our clients’ organizations.

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The idea for The Latimer Group was born in Grand Canyon National Park, in fall of 2000, during a “what if” conversation between Dean and his wife Emily. Emily said the magic words… “You love to build teams, you love to teach, and you are a great public speaker… build a business around that.” Eighteen months later, The Latimer Group was off and running.

Dean is motivated by creating great environments for the people in his life. For his teammates, creating a culture of collaboration and opportunity where they can spread their wings. For our clients, creating learning environments where they are challenged, supported and empowered to make their own voice heard. And for his family, building a home environment that is based on love, laughter and great experiences.

In addition to his Latimer life, Dean spent more than twenty years directly involved with the United States Olympic Sailing Program, as an alternate on the 2000 Olympic Team, and then eventually as the Chairman and Team Leader for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams. Dean cheers passionately for his beloved New York Yankees, and his dominant fantasy football team.

Dean M. Brenner

CEO & Founder

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Whitney sets the tone for our relationships with our clients. From the first interactions, through the scheduling of all client work for our client companies she is the one they spend the most time with. We are in a relationship business, and that all starts with Whitney. After that, the rest of us work hard to live up to the tone that Whitney set.

When Whitney is not serving our clients, you will most likely find her chasing her kids around her neighborhood, on a beach on Block Island, or reading a good mystery novel.

We love so many things about Whitney. But at the top of the list is her lifelong dedication to community service. No one puts more energy or care into serving others than Whitney. She is a past president of the Junior League of Hartford, a long-time Board member of Interval House, and volunteers every week at a local food pantry.


Whitney C. Sweeney

Director of Client Relationships

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Hannah is involved in nearly every element of our business. She is one of our lead facilitators and coaches, manages our skill evaluation and feedback process, designs content, and contributes to practically every aspect of what we do. She has the broadest job description at The Latimer Group, and is able to plug in and contribute in countless ways.

Outside of work, Hannah is an avid runner and loves spending time at the family homestead in the Adirondack Mountains. She is mother to three amazingly active kids, and her husband just happens to be an elite triathlete in his spare time.

Hannah is a constant learner, and a voracious absorber of ideas and content. If you ever ask Hannah, “what are you reading right now,” get ready for a great answer. Because she is always reading something fascinating and thought-provoking. No one loves a challenge more than Hannah.

Hannah A. Morris

Director of Facilitation & Evaluation

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Kendra is the brains behind our Learning Team, and is the lead voice with our clients on content development and workshop design. She has the keenest of eyes, not only with the substance of our content, but also in the way we present that content to the world. Her attention to detail is second to none.

Kendra has several “happy places” outside of work: travel with her family and friends, any kitchen where she can cook a great meal, and any place where she can snuggle with her dog Lulu! “Family first” is the guiding principle in Kendra’s life.

The thing we love most about Kendra is her dedication to everyone and everything in her life. You will never have a better teammate than Kendra. If she is on your team, smile and take a deep breath. She will have your back, and won’t rest until the job is done well.

Kendra E. Raguckas

Director of Instructional Design & Technology

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Jordan is a key member of our Operations Team. He works with Hannah on our feedback and assessment process, and is a critical voice in the experience for our workshop participants. He is their guide prior to and after the workshop, providing critical information, answering questions, and working hard to ensure an outstanding experience.

Like many on our team, Jordan is an avid reader. He will consume almost anything, but most loves philosophy and socio-political non-fiction, with a little poetry sprinkled in here and there. Jordan also hones his “guide instincts” while hiking and kayaking on the weekends, and is an amateur woodworker.

We love Jordan’s unflappable nature, and keen sense of humor. When Jordan speaks, listen carefully, because there is always some special meaning in the things he says, and stories he tells.

Jordan A. DeFreitas

Manager of Participant Experience

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Mary-Kate keeps the trains running on time at The Latimer Group. She works directly with Whitney on managing all aspects of our client relationships, including the critical details like schedules and rosters. Perhaps most importantly, she manages our CEO, keeping Dean out of trouble on a daily basis. Mary-Kate loves contributing to a seamless client experience.

Outside of work Mary-Kate stays busy keeping her young daughters in line, teaching them how to bake, and taking rides in their family’s classic car.

Mary-Kate made an immediate impact on our team, from the moment she joined us in early 2021. In a short period of time, Mary-Kate has made herself indispensable to our team and our clients.

Mary Kate Bzydra

Operations Manager

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Chris is the newest member of our team, and works with Kendra on our Learning Team. She creates and produces multi-media workshop learning environments for our clients, and loves to write storyboards, scripts, and all the necessary elements of great content.

Chris’s path to The Latimer Group is a fascinating one. She has studied architectural design and social sciences. She has a degree in Anthropology, with a minor in sociology. After she graduated, she provided professional development training at Sanctuary for Families in New York City, supporting people affected by domestic violence. She also is a freelance photographer and videographer.

We love Chris’s perspective. She brings a fascinating background to our team, and is in a perfect spot to enrich our work for the benefit of our clients.

Chris S. Huh

Instructional Design Associate

Facilitators and Coaches

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Dan brings a powerful perspective to his Latimer work. He has a long history in marketing, business development, politics, non-profit leadership, and of course coaching and facilitating. In addition to his work at The Latimer Group, Dan runs a marketing and communications consultancy focused on building the connections we need to succeed in business.

Outside of work, Dan and his family reside in coastal Massachusetts, and spend their time on the water, engaged in local causes that speak to their hearts, and surrounded by family and friends.  

We love Dan’s ability to connect everyone around him, especially his workshop participants and the people he coaches. His style puts people immediately at ease, which allows the learning opportunities to pop up everywhere. He has had a fascinating career, in a range of industries, and he brings all of it into every workshop he teaches and every session he coaches.

Dan Cooney

Facilitator and Coach

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Jay enriches every conversation he participates in and brings people together with his warm and engaging style. In addition to his work at The Latimer Group, Jay is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant, and is active in the LGBTQ community, both at the local and national level. Outside of his work life, Jay is actively pursuing his doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership at USC’s Rossier School of Education.

Jay was born in Alabama and lives on the west coast. He shares space with his amazing dog Zeke, who “saved” Jay at the beginning of the pandemic. Jay is an avid reader and an amateur historian, who consumes non-fiction and biographies, and varies his content with a healthy ration of podcasts and documentaries.

We love Jay’s view of the world, and the ways in which he strengthens our team. He has an uncanny ability to see and acknowledge your perspective, and at the same time introduce that there might be another way to look at the issue.

Jay Prewitt

Facilitator and Coach

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Lauren brings courage and empathy to her work every day, and makes it clear that she is in your corner. In addition to her work with The Latimer Group, Lauren leads her own life and career coaching company, and is dedicated to her mission of helping her clients develop the confidence they will need to live a fulfilled life, at home and at work.

Lauren and her husband grew up in Connecticut, and met in school at UConn. Lauren shows her competitive side by “bleeding blue” for her UConn Huskies, and by doing everything she can to dominate family game nights. Lauren loves to cook, hike, and travel. London, Thailand and Arches National Park in Utah are all on her “favorite locations” list.

We love Lauren’s dedication to her craft, and how she brings her whole self into her coaching. When you are working with Lauren, you have no doubt that she is completely present with you, and will do everything she can to lift you up… and help you lift yourself.

Lauren St. Germain

Facilitator and Coach

Board of Advisors

Phil Bonanno, Client Partner, Facebook
Emily Brenner, Co-owner, The Latimer Group
Mike Davis, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets
Bryan Gildenberg, Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Retail
Bill Goggins, CEO, Harken Yacht Equipment
Alix Hahn, Partner, Prophet Brand Strategy
Josh Levine, Managing Director, Great Bay Renewables
Thomas Lips, Managing Director, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

A book about change

The Latimer Corporation’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.