Our Model for Persuasive Communication

    The Latimer Model

    The Latimer Model is designed to make persuasive communication a repeatable process of standard work. Our Model guides clients through assessing, preparing, and delivering all forms of communication.

    Those who consistently leverage this Model will be able to communicate clearly and concisely, develop strong and persuasive messages tailored to their audience, create supporting documents to enhance their message, and facilitate comprehension and engagement through their delivery.

    The Model is at the heart of our courses, workshops, coaching, and reinforcement materials. Over 20,000 individuals at dozens of large global firms have been taught to use this Model, with tangible and long-lasting results.

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    “If everybody on a team is utilizing this one Model, the organization’s ability to amplify and sustain influential communication is 1,000% stronger than the impact of just those those individuals in a workshop.”

    Kendra Raguckas, Director of Instructional Design & Technology, The Latimer Group


    At The Latimer Group, the training and coaching process does not stop at the end of a course, workshop, or session. We provide the tools to make persuasive, outcome-oriented communication a permanent asset to individuals and organizations, centered around The Latimer Model.

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