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    High-Impact Keynote Presentations with Dean Brenner

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    Successful corporate events must be engaging and valuable, and getting the correct keynote speaker will make or break your event. The Latimer Group’s CEO & Founder Dean Brenner is here to help!

    Dean has lived several lifetimes of experiences in his professional and personal life as a small business owner and founder, a coach to Fortune 500 C Suite executives, a world-class athlete and leader of two Olympic Teams, a published author, and most importantly as a husband and father.

    When you engage with Dean, you will get a thoroughly authentic, highly engaging, and immensely valuable experience.

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    Background & Experience

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    Dean has built an international reputation as a recognized expert in persuasive communication skills, who has coached and trained more than 10,000 executives and professionals.

    Dean is a successful entrepreneur who has built his company, The Latimer Group, into a well-known brand with a global client list.

    Dean was an alternate on the 2000 US Olympic Sailing Team, and served as Team Leader and Chairman for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Sailing Teams.

    Dean has written three books on powerful and persuasive communication. And he and his wife Emily have two wonderful children, who are growing up in a happy and healthy home.

    Approach to Events

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    In every keynote that Dean gives, he enters with his whole self, and will actively draw on all aspects of his background to make his point. He approaches all aspects of his work from the multiple perspectives of a business leader, an entrepreneur, a professional athlete, a coach, and as a husband, father and friend.

    So, if you want to create the best possible corporate event with the right keynote speaker, give us a call. Dean would love to partner with you.

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