Communication Coaching for Executives, Leaders, and Managers

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    “Ask yourself as you go through your day if your interactions with people are moving towards or away from relationships that foster trust.”

    – Jay Prewitt-Cruz, Director of Coaching and Facilitation at The Latimer Group

    The Latimer Group helps our clients find their voice and accomplish performance goals by developing superior communication techniques that encourage authenticity and enhance executive presence. Whether as a standalone assignment, or built off one of our workshops, our coaching sessions advance careers forward and drive business results.

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    Our Clients:

    For twenty years, The Latimer Group has coached over 20,000 people at all stages of careers, including leaders from multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Clients include C-Suite executives, senior leadership, first-line management, developmental candidates, and individual contributors. Our NextGen Services division was established to offer this same level of coaching to rising leaders and job seekers as well, making The Latimer Group uniquely positioned to support anyone, at any level ready to advance their persuasion through greater communication.

    Our Methodology:

    Our coaching approach is grounded in The Latimer Model for persuasive communication and personalized into a development plan to meet your unique needs. Our Model is used in board rooms, on sales calls, during team huddles, while interviewing, for strategic planning, and when initiating change management.

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    Our Coaching Team

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    Coaches for The Latimer Group are accomplished leaders with diverse backgrounds, academic degrees, and professional experience who have spent their careers motivating people and creating effective change within their organizations. They are passionate about helping professionals grow, overcome barriers, and succeed in a busy, over-stimulated world.

    Contact our team to complete a needs assessment and confirm we are a good fit for your desired results. From there, the coaching assignment is custom-built around three phases:

    1. Onboarding:

    • Formative client assessment

    • Key stakeholder interviews

    • Goals and objectives established

    2. Engagement:

    • Establish a strong client/coach relationship

    • Virtual or face-to-face coaching sessions

    • Periodic evaluation confirming results

    • Mid-term evaluation report

    3. Future-mapping:

    • Recognition of wins

    • Identification of development opportunities

    • Post-engagement action plan