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What if it were possible to simplify communication, and break it down into a series of simple, repeatable steps?

What if it were possible to create a set of skills and metrics that not only outlined a path to improvement for the individual, but also created a scalable system for an entire organization?

What if it were possible to demystify and elevate communication skills so that you and your entire organization were able to communicate in a way that drives outcomes and makes communication a competitive strength in your market?

Now there is.

Dean Brenner and The Latimer Group are proud to introduce you to Persuaded: The Communication Strategy That Builds Credibility, Forges Connections, Inspires Action, and Helps You Succeed. In this, Dean’s third published book, he lays out his company’s system for powerful and persuasive communication skills, in a way that provides mappable and trackable skill development for the individual and the entire organization.

Dean and his colleagues at The Latimer Group believe that great communication skills can change the world, and that things like listening, empathy, respect, awareness, preparation and practice create opportunities to understand, connect, and ultimately be heard.

We live in a noisy, crowded, fast-paced world, where it is harder than ever to be heard. This book lays out a plan and a system that will allow you to be heard more clearly and more powerfully than ever before.



Move the World: Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds, and Achieve Your Goals

What if there were a perfect, proven formula for effective persuasion? What if there were a simple system you could follow to convince almost anyone of almost anything?

Now there is.

In Move the World, published in 2007, communications expert Dean Brenner unlocks the secrets of verbal persuasion through a deceptively simple but extremely powerful system. He introduces a step-by-step process that will dramatically increase your ability to persuade your audience to follow your lead, buy your product, or invest in your idea.

The power of persuasion is one of the most useful and crucial skills for lasting professional and personal success, whether you’re a salesperson, teacher, politician, business leader, lawyer, or member of the media. If you can communicate persuasively, you’ll add value to any group in any situation. In Move the World, you’ll learn how to identify and refine your goals, understand your audience and their beliefs, and craft a plan for persuasion—before you even begin speaking.

Verbal persuasion is difficult. But the Move the World System will help make you more effective, influential, and persuasive in every aspect of your life. Regardless of how well-developed your speaking and presentation skills might be, Move the World will show you how to become a world-class advocate for your company, your products, your ideas, and yourself.

Sharing the Sandbox: Building and Leading World-Class Teams in the 21st Century

Dean Brenner’s second book, published in 2012, tackles the question of team building and team leadership.

Are you a good leader? Are you a good teammate? Are you sure? In Sharing the Sandbox, you’ll learn the fundamentals of leadership, followership, and team building. And beyond the fundamentals, you will also have at your fingertips specific playbooks and steps to manage the different types of teams we see, and the extreme personality types that often will derail your best efforts.

Whether you aspire to become a great leader and teammate, or if you are already experienced and looking for ways to improve, Sharing the Sandbox is for you. The 21st century has changed the way we must communicate and lead, and team building has never been more challenging than it is today. If we can learn to create consistently positive team experiences… if we can learn to both lead and follow effectively… if we can learn to align groups of people so that they are no longer fighting each other but are working together towards a common goal… if we can learn to do these things, we will have the greatest possible skill at our disposal.

Sharing the Sandbox will help you become a better leader and teammate, and show you how to build consistently great teams through a series of fundamental principles and specific action steps.


A book about change

The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.