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    Communication Skills Training and Coaching

    The Latimer Group offers a range of self-paced learning experiences and coaching for you to establish and enhance your career. Our courses are built upon 20 years of experience working with everyone from ambitious entreprenuers, to job seekers, to new hires, to CEO’s.

    Getting a job, and then excelling in that job, is almost never simple or straightforward, and therefore, it often requires tools that uplift your current knowledge and skills. In almost every case, regardless of field, communications skills are the crucial differentiating factor. The Latimer Group can help you advocate for yourself, thrive as a team member, and effectively lead others.


    Client Research &Feedback:

    Enhanced communication and persuasion skills profoundly impact career trajectories, at all levels.

    Corporate environments are dynamic, competitive, and “noisy.” Persuasion skills help you break through and be heard.

    Skill Sets We Deliver

    Presentations & Speaking:

    Ensure audiences hear you, care about your message, and are persuaded to act. See how!

    Narrative & Storytelling:

    Learn how to describe your own unique story to gain credibility and build confidence. See how!

    Virtual Presence:

    Navigate a post-pandemic world by making virtual communication a strength. See how!

    Writing for Business:

    Become effective and persuasive through emails, team chats, meeting invites, and other impactful writing mediums. See how!

    Off-placement & the Job Application:

    Land your dream job by impressing hiring managers with your interview skills, networking approach, and standout documents. See how!


    For non-profits, develop a strategy that inspires donors with passion, knowledge, and empathy. See how!

    We work with you to build a program that matches your needs, budget, and availability. Start the discovery process with us, quickly and easily:

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