Training Offerings for Groups & Teams

    Elevating skills, at scale

    Speaking confidently, clearly, and directly.
    Running effective meetings where no one’s time is wasted.
    Eliminating costly misunderstandings.

    These skills are usually attributed to individuals. Imagine if they become capabilities shared across larger groups of people. The pace of work would accelerate and goals would move closer.

    That is the essence of our trainings. We teach with respect and create a secure, supportive environment, where even the most nervous speaker can feel safe and confident. Through virtual, in-person, and hybrid sessions, people share their stories, listen and learn from others, and build respectful relationships.

    Choose a workshop for your team
    Or build one with us

    The topics below represent our core training topics. We can work with your organization to identify your professional development goals and design the right solution. We are also able to customize instructional content as clients require.

    Develop Communication Skills That Drive Results

    Exec Comms
    Executive Communication Skills
    Persuasive Pres
    Persuasive Presentation Skills
    Persuasive Busin Writing
    Persuasive Business Writing
    Womens Comms
    Women’s Communication Skills
    Persu Comms Skills
    Persuasive Communication Skills & Message Development
    Storytelling For Impact
    Storytelling for Impact
    Speaking Up
    Speaking Up & Getting Heard
    Personal Pitch
    Personal Pitch

    Develop a Culture of Communication

    Communicating to Belong
    Comms Change
    Communicating Change As A Leader
    Meeting Management

    Executive Presence

    Exec Lead Presence
    Executive/Leadership Presence
    Powerful Pres
    Powerful Presence

    Hybrid Presence & Communication Skills

    Hybrid Pres And Comms
    Hybrid Presence & Communication Skills
    Hybrid Pres And Comms Leaders
    Hybrid Presence & Communication Skills for Leaders

    Delivery Format Options

    Onsite Graphic Transparent E1683911839676
    Online Course
    Asynchronous Courses

    At The Latimer Group, we have delivered thousands of trainings in each format, all over the world. While the experiences are not the same, we pride ourselves on generating an equally powerful impact on our participants, whether we work virtually, in-person, or deliver clients a self-paced course to be taken on their own schedule.

    People Clapping

    “Over the last twenty years, our training offerings have been in a constant, dynamic state of development. Every session we lead, every team we support, every organization we partner with teaches us something new about the realities of business communication. Every bit of that experience and learning has been built into The Latimer Model and populates our entire curriculum. We are students of the modern corporate organization, and the real-world requirements for powerful communication. And we bring all of that to you, in every training we lead.”

    – Dean Brenner, CEO & Founder at The Latimer Group

    our Facilitation Team

    team member
    team member
    team member
    team member
    team member

    Our facilitators are accomplished leaders with diverse backgrounds, academic degrees, and professional experience. Each of them has spent their careers motivating people and creating effective change within their organizations. They are passionate about helping professionals grow, overcoming barriers, and succeeding in a busy, noisy world.