Communications Training from the top down. Or the bottom up.

Making communication a driver of organizational success can start anywhere.

Sometimes this means empowering leadership with the skills to overcome obstacles and motivate people. Other times it involves one-on-one coaching with key personnel or workshops in which teams and individuals develop their skills.

In any scenario, we select the right tool for the task and apply the principles and processes that have driven our success (and our clients’) for more than 20 years.

Our Solutions

Workshops: Virtual, Onsite & Hybrid

Our workshops center on teams who face specific goals and challenges and who have volunteered or been nominated to participate. The content and exercises focus on building consensus and momentum, improving clarity and concision, coordinating actions, and earning approvals.

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Coaching: One-On-One & Small Cohorts

Our coaching offerings help you find your voice and accomplish performance goals by developing superior communication techniques that encourage authenticity and enhance executive presence. Whether it is your first time connecting with The Latimer Group or you recently completed one of our workshops our coaches will move your career forward to realize potential and drive business results.

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Self-Paced Online Courses

eLearning with The Latimer Group enables asynchronous coursework that complements an overall group program. We work with participants to go step-by-step to optimize the experience.

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Keynote Presentations

Have an upcoming conference or team meeting? Be it virtual or in-person, The Latimer Group offers keynote services that bring a communication focus to your event. 

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Strategic Consulting

Our consulting services fall into two categories: 

  1. Organizational consulting as an ongoing service to provide a steady program of communications training over a longer period of time for both individuals and/or groups.
  2. Keynote consulting, for leaders who are preparing mission-critical addresses to stakeholder groups, or who require a keynote speaker for a critical organizational event. 
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Who we Train and Coach... And How


  • Enterprise-wide communication skills
  • Board and shareholder messaging
  • Executive-level Presence

Senior Leaders

  • Leadership-level communication skills and presence
  • Create strong communication cultures
  • Powerful team communication skills

Developing Leaders

  • Foundational leadership communication skills and presence
  • Outcome-oriented communication skills

Individual Contributors

  • Impactful communication skills
  • Clear and effective presentation skills

New Hires and Interns

  • Foundational presentation and communication skills
  • Professional presence & business writing
  • Effective meeting behaviors

Making effective communication skills a driver of organizational success starts with a discovery conversation between your team and ours. 

We will listen, learn, and then help you select the right Latimer solutions for the task.