Virtual Communication

Maintaining relationships from distance is hard. Very hard. Whether it was the high school relationship you tried to keep together when one or both went off to college… or a marriage put to the test because of a job relocation… or a best friendship tested when one of you moved across country… there are countless […]

What does the world of communication look like right now? What are the barriers to getting our point across today, at this moment in time? There are a bunch, and none of them are inconsequential. Truth #1: The world continues to be a really noisy place. There are lots of people and things competing for […]

Web meetings, conference calls, and virtual platforms are no longer “occasional” methods of communication. These are now full-time communication platforms, and likely will be for the foreseeable future. So, we really need to be thinking about how we can communicate in the most effective way possible using these new tools. In the latest edition of […]

We invite you to join us for the second in our series of discussions on our rapidly changing world, and its impact on the way we communicate. We’ll be hosting the session virtually on Thursday, April 30th, at 12 noon EDT… Even prior to the current health care crisis, the world of communication had never […]

This post was written by Kendra Raguckas, Director of Instructional Design & Technology at The Latimer Group. Two weeks ago, our team hosted a free online conversation focusing on our new normal in the virtual world. We shared our top five observations from the transition to mandated remote work and our recommendations on how to adjust […]

There has been a LOT of content generated of late about the new challenges of communicating, running meetings and leading teams in a virtual environment. Much of it has been good, including several of the pieces posted here by our Latimer team. But just for a moment, let’s look at this another way. Sure, there […]

Distance tends to clarify relationships. (I wish I knew that in college…) Human beings are social creatures who thrive on connection and community. Relationships and trust are built over time through shared experiences and common bonds. When we separate from each other for extended periods of time, the strengths of our relationships are challenged. Distance […]

Is it possible to communicate too much during a crisis? Let’s dig into that question a bit. During a crisis, emotions tend to run higher than normal, for everyone. And the default setting for most people during such a period is to hyper communicate. The common wisdom is that “more information is better” during a […]

Like many of you, I crave good communication from the people I lean on in a crisis. I look to the leaders in my life… political, business, personal… and I lean on them for good communication when things are bad. I prefer good communication all the time. But I need good communication during a crisis. […]

Last week, we hosted a free lunchtime conversation to share our observations on the “new normal” world we have all been thrust into. We covered some of the obvious communication implications of this new world, but our conversation went well beyond that. This health crisis has impacted not just the way we communicate, but the […]