Join the Conversation: Observations from a Lonely Planet, Part II – Communicating When the Only Constant is Change

We invite you to join us for the second in our series of discussions on our rapidly changing world, and its impact on the way we communicate. We’ll be hosting the session virtually on Thursday, April 30th, at 12 noon EDT…

Even prior to the current health care crisis, the world of communication had never been noisier. In this session, we will discuss ways to effectively communicate emotional messages around the rapid changes that so many of us are experiencing… a skill that will be important for a long time.

Dean Brenner, Dan Cooney and Hannah Morris will share our team’s observations and coaching advice on how to navigate these conversations. Please join us for an interactive exchange and discussion. We look forward to speaking to you!

Click this link to register and join the conversation.

See you Thursday!

PS: Many thanks, again, to all who participated in our last conversation. You can visit a replay of that session here.

We believe that great communication skills change the world. We transform people and organizations of all sizes with simple, repeatable techniques, through an integrated platform of corporate training, coaching, and asynchronous learning.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for more from The Latimer Group?

Looking for more from The Latimer Group?


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Dean Brenner

A book about change

The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.