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Author: Dean Brenner

4 Ways to Boost Resilience and Recharge Your Battery

It is funny how things work sometimes. The word resilience has popped up in four different ways for me over the last week. One of our advisors mentioned the importance of it to me; so did a client, in reference to her own organization; a friend sent me a podcast on the topic; and my […]

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How to Succeed in the New Communication Age

At The Latimer Group, we speak with our clients and friends all the time about the “New Communication Age” that we live in. Today, communication is not just about having or controlling information. Years ago, in an era when not everyone had access to all the information they needed, the best communicators were, in fact, […]

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Make Yourself Easy to Listen To

We write constantly in this blog about all the different elements of good communication… clear messaging, effective visuals or slides, powerful presence and delivery, speaking with the “executive voice“… these kinds of topics are the dominant themes in this blog. But today, I want to write about the “net effect” of all of these things. When you combine […]

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The Self-Evident Truths of Communication Today

What does the world of communication look like right now? What are the barriers to getting our point across today, at this moment in time? There are a bunch, and none of them are inconsequential. Truth #1: The world continues to be a really noisy place. There are lots of people and things competing for attention span and mind share, and it […]

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Vacation Has Never Been More Important

When I first started The Latimer Group, nearly twenty years ago, I worked from home full time. The company was a “group” in name only, and it was just me for several years. An office wasn’t necessary… or affordable. But as we grew, an office became an imperative, and it has now been nearly thirteen […]

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The Risk of Long Distance (Work) Relationships

Maintaining relationships from distance is hard. Very hard. Whether it was the high school relationship you tried to keep together when one or both went off to college… or a marriage put to the test because of a job relocation… or a best friendship tested when one of you moved across country… there are countless […]

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Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

Most people communicate selfishly in the workplace. Sorry… I apologize for that harsh opinion. But I believe it to be true. Most people communicate with their colleagues, customers, vendors, and suppliers based primarily on their own needs, wants and goals. Most people build their communication (presentations, meeting agendas, negotiation points, talking points) based on what they want, […]

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Business Storytelling: Six Steps To A Better Narrative

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council. We know the power of a good story. A story can help make an emotional connection, vividly illustrate a key point or grab people’s attention. And a story can help give context and make your audience really feel the impact of a problem or solution. But telling a […]

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The Message Makeover Podcast: Re-Examining the Golden Rule, with Bryan Gildenberg (Edit)

Editor’s note: The original version of this post linked to the wrong interview with Bryan… That’s been remedied, and the correct interview is available below, and via the following Soundcloud link. We apologize for any confusion. On June 11, 2020, Dan Cooney and I had a fascinating conversation with our long-time friend Bryan Gildenberg. We […]

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