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Author: Dean Brenner

Be Clear About the Tasks You Need to Succeed

We are sharing this post from our archive today, because it resonates in the current environment. We love goal setting at The Latimer Group. But we also love being clear about the tasks that will lead to the fulfillment of the goal. Be safe and healthy, dear friends. As some of you may already know, […]

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Do You Allow Your Team to Get Creative? Are You Sure?

Like many organizations, The Latimer Group is taking the health crisis, and its impact on our work, one day at a time. Things are crazy for lots of businesses and lots of people, and we aren’t complaining… we are acutely aware that there are many who are truly suffering right now.  But with travel bans, […]

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Coaching Advice: Do You Connect, or Do You Correct?

During work discussions with your colleagues, many (perhaps most) conversations come down to the following choice: Which is more important to you… the relationship or winning the discussion? When we are having substantive, work-related conversations with our colleagues, and the ideas are being thrown around, there almost always comes a point when we have to […]

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Help Your Team Help You

We do an enormous amount of writing here about how to prepare well, and not waste other people’s time… especially if that person is your boss. We all know how important it is to be able to communicate well to people above you on the org chart. But let’s flip that around for a moment. […]

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Is Remote Communication REALLY That Different?

There has been a LOT of content generated of late about the new challenges of communicating, running meetings and leading teams in a virtual environment. Much of it has been good, including several of the pieces posted here by our Latimer team. But just for a moment, let’s look at this another way. Sure, there […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: Trust is the Coin of the Realm

Distance tends to clarify relationships. (I wish I knew that in college…) Human beings are social creatures who thrive on connection and community. Relationships and trust are built over time through shared experiences and common bonds. When we separate from each other for extended periods of time, the strengths of our relationships are challenged. Distance […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: What’s Too Much?

Is it possible to communicate too much during a crisis? Let’s dig into that question a bit. During a crisis, emotions tend to run higher than normal, for everyone. And the default setting for most people during such a period is to hyper communicate. The common wisdom is that “more information is better” during a […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: What’s Required?

Like many of you, I crave good communication from the people I lean on in a crisis. I look to the leaders in my life… political, business, personal… and I lean on them for good communication when things are bad. I prefer good communication all the time. But I need good communication during a crisis. […]

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4 Simple Ways to Be a Better Listener

I’m thinking a lot about how well we listen. How well do you actually listen to the people around you? Do you think you listen well? Are you sure? I think I listen well, most of the time. When I focus on it, which is often, I listen really well. But it is really easy […]

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