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Category: Virtual Communication

Dean Brenner on the Digital Tells Podcast

I recently had the chance to appear as a guest on the Digital Tells podcast, with Host Sam Norton. Sam and I had a great conversation about communication in the 21st century, and specifically what new demands COVID-19 has placed on our communication skills. We covered a lot of time in a short period of […]

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How Language Can Draw Us In or Leave Us Out

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group.   I have three kids and they all speak a different language than I do. When they start speaking MINECRAFT, I feel lost, and to a certain extent, excluded. It is not something they are doing intentionally or malevolently or even consciously. […]

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Creating Engagement Is Hard… But NOT Impossible

We hear this all the time, from the people we train and coach. Engaging your audience during a virtual meeting is really hard, they say. And most people we work with are desperate for ways to create more engagement with their audience… because it feels next to impossible to create it. I am here today […]

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How Quickly Should You Get to the Point? It Depends!

My colleagues and I always talk about the importance of getting to the point quickly. So don’t worry… I am not about to contradict twenty years of Latimer teaching. But my colleagues and I also believe in the importance of audience and situational awareness, and that we should always try to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. […]

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Dean Brenner on the Ebb and Flow Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Ebb and Flow Podcast, hosted by Paul Leeming of Long River Wealth Management. I know Paul and his partners at Long River really well (full disclosure… the senior partner and founder of Long River is my father-in-law, Tom Lips). Their group sets the standard […]

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The Message Makeover Podcast: Building Bridges Between Worlds, with Dr. Jared Horvath

This is a killer episode, and we say that with great humility. In the latest episode of The Message Makeover Podcast, we interview Dr. Jared Horvath, an award-winning cognitive neuroscientist who has lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and the University of Melbourne. What’s special about this conversation? Dr. Horvath is the guy who […]

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Fathom: Leading the Evolution — Adapting to Virtual Communication and Embracing Its Strengths

(Hello, clients and friends of The Latimer Group. We are excited to re-introduce you to Fathom, which we launched in late 2019… but like so many other things, lost some momentum amidst the turmoil of 2020. The tagline for Fathom is “Strategies for Creating the Persuasive Organization,” which exactly captures our intent with this piece. […]

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