AI: “Use It as a Prompt”

This post was written by Kendra Raguckas, Senior Director of Learning at The Latimer Group.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a hot button topic for many in recent months. To ensure they are not left behind, many organizations are scrambling and investigating how to leverage AI, including The Latimer Group.

In a recent meeting with our wonderful technical support company, Better ITS, their CEO James Gregg made a comment that has stuck with me. He said he is recommending to all his clients (and his kids) to “Use AI as a prompt.”

Many of us have stared at a blank email or word document, struggling to get started, because we just didn’t know where to begin. And in some cases, AI tools can help us to get over that hurdle. Ask your AI tool of choice for one or two sentences on the topic in question, and allow it to generate a few phrases for you to react to and modify. This can often jump start your own thoughts and opinions.

This advice and tactic stood out to me because it falls in line with the conversations we have had internally about the new AI tools, and their possible applications.

As a communications training and coaching firm, we care about preserving the human element in all of our daily channels of contact. That essential human element is how we connect, build relationships and trust, and ultimately persuade others. However, it is really enticing to utilize AI to ease day-to-day tasks that can eat up a lot of our time, such as writing emails or blog posts like this one. (But for the record, I did not use AI tools for today’s post.)

Therefore, I recommend to you, as James recommended to us, to “Use AI as a prompt.” Use it to help you get started. Use it to get going. And then make the work your own, with your own additional ideas, tone and voice.

Like other software we use throughout the day, AI is a tool, and we simply need to learn how to best use it. Beginning with this idea, over time you will become much more adept at asking “AI targeted” questions to get you where you need to go more quickly.

Good luck and have a great day!

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