That was Then, This is Now: Virtual Learning Solutions from The Latimer Group

To The Latimer Group Community,

We hope you are doing as well as possible, given the rapidly changing health and business environment. Our team has been working remotely since last week, and we remain ready and fully equipped to continue to provide you with the necessary communication coaching and training. We are all managing new circumstances and new tools while trying to keep our businesses running smoothly. As we all adjust, we remain a resource for you and your team, in several important ways:


  • Crack the Code on Effective and Engaging Virtual Meetings: Learn tools, frameworks, and best practices for running an effective and engaging virtual meeting.
  • The Secret to Creating Clear, Persuasive Messages: By starting with the GAP Method, you will make all communication more clear and purposeful.
  • Get More out of Your Communication with Active Listening: Learn how active listening skills and a Listening Plan can make you a top-level communicator.
  • Optimize Your Preparation for Each Communication Opportunity: Use the Leverage Mindset to determine where you need to focus your preparation time.
  • How to Structure a Persuasive Message: Learn how to organize the key points and details of your message with the Story Board Method.
  • Asking for What You Need and Knowing What You’re up Against: Learn how the Persuasion Challenge helps you measure the challenge you face and determine the right approach to persuading your audience.

Persuasive Communication Skills eLearning Course

This course takes you through our step-by-step model for preparing and delivering clear and persuasive communication. Learn tools to help you develop goal-oriented messages that are structured to drive action. Translate those messages into slide decks that illustrate and support your message and enhance the audience experience. Consider ways to refine your delivery skills by minimizing distractions and adopting new techniques to facilitate engagement and retention.

Video coaching

Can’t attend an in-person training but want to work on your communication skills? Schedule a short coaching session with one of our facilitators where you will present a message virtually and receive immediate feedback. Receive video files and a written Key Takeaway Report post-session to solidify your learnings and apply them to all future communication.

Executive Communication Coaching

Our personalized coaching enables individual clients to transform their communication skills. We work with individuals throughout their careers to address communication challenges, understand blind spots, and maximize strengths so that they can become clear, effective communicators. Through our coaching, individuals discover their authentic styles, enhance their executive presence, and develop confidence in communication. Great communication skills help leaders realize their potential and drive business results.

As always, we appreciate our partnership with you, and look forward to finding ways to continue to work together.

Stay safe and healthy,
The Latimer Group Team

Does your team:
– Take too long to make decision?
– Fail to ask for what it wants or needs from you?
– Make things too complicated?
– Deliver unconvincing or disorganized presentations?
– Have new hires who are unprepared to communicate in the workplace?

We transform teams and individuals with repeatable toolsets for persuasive communication.
Explore training, coaching, and consulting services from The Latimer Group.

Looking for more from The Latimer Group?

Looking for more from The Latimer Group?


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The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.