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Category: Sales Communication

Simple Concepts: Giving Your Audience Context, Impact And Value

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, November 2018. When you speak to an audience — be it a room full of executives, a staff meeting, or a one-on-one phone call with a client — keeping a few key concepts in mind can help you get your message across persuasively and powerfully. Clarity, for example, ensures that […]

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3 Steps to Simplifying a Complicated Presentation

Have you ever noticed that when people are making a business presentation, very often, they make the story sound super complicated? Have you ever noticed that once they sit down, and it is over, and someone asks simple questions, they can give simple, coherent answers? Have you ever listened to something they say in Q&A […]

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Presentation Tips: Using Leverage to Persuade Your Audience

As you think about your next meeting, presentation, or sales call, consider how difficult it may be to persuade this audience to act on your message. Moving someone to action is a challenging task, especially if minds and behaviors must be changed in the process. But it can be done, and there are ways we […]

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Speaking Tips: Build Your Message in Three Acts

Here is a great way to think about your message, in three acts. ACT I: The Open You meet your audience, and your audience meets you. Your goal is to get them engaged right away, and the best way to do that is showing them what will be coming. Give them the topic, the main […]

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Communicating Respect: Give A Little To Get A Lot

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, June 2018. As a speaker, it’s always important to project authority. Whether through a mastery of detail, a clear understanding of your audience’s needs, a strong speaking voice or a poised stance at the front of the room, showing that you have expertise and confidence can go a […]

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5 Things That Will Help You Hold Your Audience’s Attention

We’ve done posts in the past about some things you’ll never hear anyone say in the workplace. But our point in today’s post is that as you go about your communication in the workplace, be it with colleagues, clients, or teammates, there are a few things that you’ll never regret giving too much of, or […]

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A Simple Tip for Choosing the Proper Tone When Speaking

Sometimes it is hard to know the right way to say or write something. Sometimes it is hard to know the correct tone to take. How should I speak to these people? How formal or informal should it be? The answers depend on lots of things: the nature and seriousness of the topic; the level of […]

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