The Sign of a Great Team…

Posted On March 30, 2023 BY

… is not the absence of conflict. The sign of a great team is the ability to resolve conflict, in a respectful and productive way. Of all the truisms I hold dear, this one has proven to be more true, more consistently, than any other. I first learned this truism when I was competing for […]

Does your message stand out? Do you make it easy for your audience to remember what you say? Does your message make an impact on the mind of your listener? You need to care about this, because there is so much competition for the mindshare of every audience. There are so many things that come at each of […]

This post was written by Jay Prewitt, Director of Coaching and Facilitation at The Latimer Group.  It was Saturday, January 28, 2023, and I was on my way to Starbucks, and then a hike in Laguna Canyon, when my phone rang. It was my colleague, our CEO Dean, and I immediately wondered if I would be heading […]

(Our author today is our wonderful colleague Robert Mapstead, Director of Learning and Instructional Design for our NextGen Services Group. Robert brings a strong creative mindset and voice to his work every day, so there is no one better to be talking about today’s topic: creativity. Enjoy!) Coming up with creative ideas is critical in […]

If you have the power to advocate for the things you believe in… If you can make the compelling case for the idea… If you can influence the decisions and behaviors of others… If you can build consensus and persuade… You have competitive advantage. Period. Full stop. In the 21st century business world — where […]

At the risk of oversimplification, there are two macro “messaging problems” that come up a lot in our work. Problem #1: the speaker knows what they want to achieve, has a general goal in mind, but has not put enough thought into the details of the message and how they will achieve the goal. They […]

This blog post was inevitable. I was always going to write it. I just needed a moment of inspiration. Because when your favorite poem is quoted by your favorite actor/comedian, in your favorite scene from your favorite movie, the stars are about as aligned as they could possibly be. So, late the other night I was flipping around […]

How Do You See Your 12 Notes?

Posted On February 23, 2023 BY

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Founder of The Cooney Company and a long-time Coach and Facilitator with The Latimer Group. Creators have always fascinated me, especially music creators. There’s a line from the movie A Star is Born that blew me away, even the first time I heard it. But then I couldn’t get […]

A Universal Business Problem

Posted On February 9, 2023 BY

We have clients across a range of industries and on five continents. And no matter where we go, no matter what the industry is, everyone complains about the exact same thing. Everyone wants their colleagues, customers, vendors or partners to simply get to the point. We, all of us, have a chronic business problem of […]

Learning how to become an expert in anything is complex… mastering an athletic skill, inhabiting a character in a play, communicating in a powerful way, or anything else. Expertise, in any endeavor, is not easy to accomplish. Whenever I take a close look at the training and preparation habits of elite performers (something I do […]