Silence Is NOT An Absence of Music

When we are listening to music, and there is a moment of silence in the piece of music, that moment of silence is not an absence of music.


Rather, the moment of silence is part OF the music.

I love this idea.

The silence is a conscious choice by the composer. The silence contributes to the overall experience of the piece of music. It contributes to our sensory experience just as any of the notes or sounds. It contributes by giving us a moment, however brief, to absorb what we are hearing and feel the moment. It contributes by whetting our appetite for the next note.

The silence is indeed part of the music.

I love this idea because it absolutely and directly applies to the ways in which we communicate verbally. A similar moment of silence in our speech pattern is a powerful tool in our ability to captivate our audience, for all the same reasons that the silence in the piece of music does.

The silence in our speech pattern allows our audience to absorb, to feel the moment, and it too can whet the appetite.

When it is your turn to lead the conversation and speak, don’t underestimate the power of silence. Slow down a little. Pause once in a while. Let a big idea hang out there for the audience to hear, consider, absorb and feel. Let it linger.

Well-timed moments of silence will enhance the experience for everyone in the room. The silence in your speech pattern is not the absence of speech. It is part OF the speech, and a significant element of the overall experience of listening to you.

Have a great day.

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