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Category: Coaching

The Message Makeover Minute: Anxiety? Remember Your Fundamentals

A lot of our clients tell us that the new increase in “virtual communication” causes anxiety for a number of reasons: technology, “etiquette,” and so on… However, some basic communication skills will always apply… Fall back on those basic tenets when feeling anxious about the “new” communication concepts that come along, and that anxiety should […]

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Communicating During a Crisis: Be Patient

One of the ways I have been dealing with the unknowns of the current health and economic crisis is by reaching out to people around me. A few weeks ago, I made a list of about 20 people in my life that I wanted to speak to… fellow business owners, long-time friends, former mentors and […]

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Be Clear About the Tasks You Need to Succeed

We are sharing this post from our archive today, because it resonates in the current environment. We love goal setting at The Latimer Group. But we also love being clear about the tasks that will lead to the fulfillment of the goal. Be safe and healthy, dear friends. As some of you may already know, […]

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Coaching Advice: Do You Connect, or Do You Correct?

During work discussions with your colleagues, many (perhaps most) conversations come down to the following choice: Which is more important to you… the relationship or winning the discussion? When we are having substantive, work-related conversations with our colleagues, and the ideas are being thrown around, there almost always comes a point when we have to […]

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Your Side Benefit Might Be Your Audience’s Main Benefit

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Business Development at The Latimer Group. We were recently coaching a talented systems and operations manager (“Mike”) who previewed a presentation he was about to give on the importance of merging contact records in Salesforce for the sake of data hygiene. The intended audience for this presentation […]

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This Holiday Season, Give Your Audience the Gift of Simplicity!

In 1990, psychologist Elizabeth Newton asked her Stanford University students to play a simple game. Half of them were told they would be “tappers,” and their job was to tap the rhythm of one of several universally known songs, like “Happy Birthday.” The other half of the students were asked to be “listeners,” and their […]

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Feeding the Appetite for Self-Improvement

Winston Churchill once famously said “the most important thing about education is the appetite.” We teach and coach communication skills all day, every day, here at The Latimer Group. And we see all kinds of people walk into our workshops. We see the willing, the unwilling, the motivated, the unmotivated… and everything in between. Some […]

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The Hidden Key to Building Credibility

Let’s talk about building credibility… real credibility. Not the short term version of credibility that comes from a referral or a common friendship or the personal courtesy of someone giving you a chance. No… let’s talk about the long-term credibility that is built by you, your actions and your performance. Real credibility is created in […]

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How to Add Immense Value to Everyone and Everything

There is a theme that comes up in every workshop we teach… we live in a really noisy world. The world is loud, there is endless competition for mindshare and attention, and everyone we speak to is drowning in too much information, too many meetings, too much access, too little time. This problem is chronic […]

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