Avoid Being a Static Leader

Posted On June 29, 2023 BY

People are constantly evolving. As we grow, get older, and experience new things, the sum total of who we are is constantly changing. We are not the same people we were a year ago, two years ago, ten years ago. Because every experience, every relationship, every success, every failure, has an impact on the bottom […]

One of the most common, and most tactical, comments we get from workshop participants is this: I understand why you want me to simplify my materials/slides. But I need to be ready for questions that may come up, and I need to be ready to support the person who wasn’t there. And I don’t want […]

That little voice inside your head, the one that tells you aren’t good enough… do you know that voice? Do you ever hear that voice telling you to question your own value or qualifications? Do you ever hear that voice whispering sour questions to you? I hear that voice, and I am sure most of you do […]

This post was written by Jay Prewitt, Director of Coaching and Facilitation at The Latimer Group. My last two blogs have been about trust from the perspectives of hybrid teams and Belonging. Today I want to dig into another perspective of trust: transparency. This is a topic that comes up a lot in my executive coaching. When […]

There is a theme that comes up in every workshop we teach… we live in a really noisy world. The world is indeed very loud, with a seemingly endless competition for mindshare and attention. And everyone we speak to is drowning in too much information, too many meetings, too much access, too little time. This […]

(Our author today is our wonderful colleague Robert Mapstead, Director of Learning and Instructional Design for our NextGen Services Group. Robert brings a strong creative mindset and voice to his work every day, so there is no one better to be talking about today’s topic: creativity. Enjoy!) Coming up with creative ideas is critical in […]

We spend a lot of time here coaching people on how to communicate in order to get the outcomes they want. And in some cases, the outcome is a sale of a product or a service. But in many cases, the outcome is the “sale” of an idea or a plan. The vast majority of persuasion […]

The Key to Building Credibility

Posted On January 19, 2023 BY

Let’s talk about building credibility… real credibility. Not the short term version of credibility that comes from a referral or a common friendship or the personal courtesy of someone giving you a chance. No… let’s talk about the long-term credibility that is built by you, your actions and your performance. Real credibility is created in […]

As a coach, I see a lot of different kinds of speakers: those who are confident and controlled and others who are nervous and still figuring out how to get their point across. And I’ve had people ask, “Don’t you sometimes want to laugh at how bad some of these presentations can be?” It might be hard to believe, […]

The Fine Line of Self-Deprecation

Posted On December 19, 2022 BY

I had an interesting question come up in a workshop last week. One of the participants made a statement and then asked me to validate it… he said “You can never go wrong being self-deprecating… right?“ I thought about it for a few moments, and quickly responded with “I am not sure I agree with […]