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Category: Persuasion

Video: The 4 Skills of Great Communication

Ask anyone who performs at a high level: athletes, dancers, singers, etc. They all prepare and practice their skills the same way. They break their skill down into smaller “sub-skills,” then practice each one individually, then put them all back together, and their overall skill level has improved. The same is true with communication. “Great […]

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Classic Persuasion Mistakes, Part 3

Today we continue our series on classic persuasion and communication mistakes. And today, I want to share a few thoughts on how to handle those really hard conversations we all need to have with a colleague from time to time, when we have to give some feedback that might not be well received. So let’s […]

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Classic Persuasion Mistakes, Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion of classic persuasion mistakes… here’s another one that we see all the time. If you want to persuade someone to take advantage of an opportunity, don’t spend all your time trying to demonstrate all the upside, how unbelievable the idea is, and how they would be crazy if they didn’t do […]

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Classic Persuasion Mistakes, Part 1

My colleagues and I spend just as much time changing the way people think about communication as we do anything else. Better communication is not about new tips or tricks (here is a line I hear in workshops a lot… “I am looking forward to getting some new tips.” Wow, does that drive me nuts.) […]

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You May Be Undermining Your OWN Meetings!

Quick, but powerful idea for you today. Let’s say you have a meeting coming up and you will be making a presentation. Your boss and some other senior managers will be in the room or the virtual meeting… or maybe a key potential client who you have been trying to sell for a year… or maybe you will […]

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Do You Know Who I Am?

I have been going through our blog archive quite a bit lately. We have been writing in this blog for nearly 15 years, so there is a lot of old content to review. Today, I share one with you that I wrote and posted in August 2009. We are resharing it today because unprepared, one-size-fits-all […]

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How To Control That Voice of Doubt Inside Your Head

That little voice inside your head, the one that tells you aren’t good enough… do you know that voice? Do you ever hear that voice telling you to question your own value or qualifications? Do you ever hear that voice whispering sour questions to you? I hear that voice, and I am sure most of […]

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5 Solutions to Classic Communication Problems

If your communication problem is time, then brevity is your friend. Make sure to shorten your message significantly. Reduce your information to a list of “three things,” so that your message is easier to remember. If your communication problem is attention span, then a “hook” is your friend. Work hard to connect with your audience with something […]

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Introducing Persuaded

Good morning, friends. I am proud to share the news with you that my new book, Persuaded, is done, and available! This is my third book, and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. We will be announcing the book more broadly next week, but I wanted the regular readers […]

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