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Category: Listening

How a Good Listening Plan Makes Your Message Stronger

My colleagues and I write and talk all the time about having a message plan. And furthermore, we write and talk all the time about how strong listening skills can make your message planning stronger and easier. But what do we listen for? Listening is great and important, and most people don’t do it very well. But is it enough […]

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Persuade Your Way To A New Job

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, July 2019. We all face many moments of persuasion in our careers: convincing an executive to back a new initiative, selling a product or service to a new client, bringing our teams on board to change strategies. But perhaps the most important and nerve-racking persuasion opportunity is much more personal: […]

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The Courage to Shut Up

Frequently, one of the participants in a Latimer workshop will say something that totally grabs me. And I always will pause the workshop, write a note in my “ideas book” and then say, “That will be a blog post, and I can footnote you, if you want.” In this case, the participant politely declined a […]

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A Classic Example of Listening Bias

My son takes sailing lessons in the summer at a wonderful little club in Rhode Island. This is his third summer taking lessons, and he likes it. But, at least for now, our son prefers just messing around in boats and has not developed a thirst for racing. Our entire approach to parenting is based […]

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6 Steps to Help You Nail Your Next Interview

In our coaching and training, we end up discussing the interview process all the time. Many of our clients interview regularly for promotions within their company. And almost all of our clients have to conduct interviews with others, for positions they are trying to fill on their own teams. Part of our coaching process is to ask […]

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Leadership Tips: The Four Areas of Awareness

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council. In goal-oriented communication, few things are more important than creating a sense of connection between yourself and the person you are speaking to. When you are in the audience, what type of speaker captures your attention more: the one who speaks to your concerns, your needs and your circumstances, or […]

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Do You, um, Distract Your Audience?

Have you ever, um, listened, um, to someone who, um, has a distracting pattern to the way they, um, speak? Or, like, have you ever, like, focused so hard on, like, one aspect of their speech pattern, that you, like, can’t hear anything else? OrHowAboutThePersonWhoSpeaksSoQuicklyThatEveryWordSeemsLikeItIsPartOfThePreviousWordAndTheAudienceCan’tRetainAnythingBecauseTheSpeakerWon’tSlowDown? Seemingly tiny distractions in your speech pattern can become a really big deal in the work place. Because once […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be A Follower

Originally published with Forbes Coaches Council, May 2019 We all want to be leaders. Our corporate culture wants us to want to be leaders. We seek out training, we dress the part, we jockey to take the helm of a project or a team. No one wants to admit to being a follower, and few people […]

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Busy is the New Stupid

Let me get the footnote of attribution out of the way. I “borrowed” that line, with permission, from my great friend and business school classmate, Phil Bonanno. And now back to our regularly scheduled program… My colleagues and I talk all the time about how listening, awareness and respect are critical building blocks of persuasion. […]

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