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Category: Listening

Check on Your People, People

We are now six months into a health crisis that has changed everything we do… the ways we work, go to school, socialize, shop, vacation, walk past others on the street… there are very few things that are the same as they were in early March 2020. When we all “went home” from work and […]

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Great Business Communication Is Not About You

The hardest thing for any subject matter expert (SME) to do is to explain his or her area of expertise in simple and clear ways. When we are “in” it, when we are living the topic every day, and when we know a lot about it, it is really hard to distance ourselves from it and […]

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In Praise of Teachers

This blog and our company are all about communication skills. And one of the most important elements of communication is gratitude. So, here we go. Time for a little gratitude. My colleagues and I know good teaching when we see it. Not only do we teach communication skills every day. But we have a lot […]

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Sharpen the Tools of Reflective Listening

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. I have gotten to that phase of life where people are sending me articles about how to manage teenagers. I have a 12.5-year-old and we’re doing fine, but we all know what’s coming. The most recent article was about why teenagers […]

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Agreeing to Disagree

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. In our work, we focus most of our efforts on helping people to build consensus, create alignment, and get others on board with their approach or initiative or idea. We help individuals reflect upon their own goals and their audience’s goals […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be A Follower

We all want to be leaders. Our corporate culture wants us to want to be leaders. We seek out training, we dress the part, we jockey to take the helm of a project or a team. No one wants to admit to being a follower, and few people ever talk about the essential qualities that make […]

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America… Don’t Forget to Listen Once in a While

These are fascinating, and scary, times that we live in. I talk to my kids all the time about the “fascinating” part. I have not yet ever discussed with them the “scary” part. There will be plenty of time for those conversations. And hopefully, for all of us to get better at a few things. […]

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Make Yourself Easy to Listen To

We write constantly in this blog about all the different elements of good communication… clear messaging, effective visuals or slides, powerful presence and delivery, speaking with the “executive voice“… these kinds of topics are the dominant themes in this blog. But today, I want to write about the “net effect” of all of these things. When you combine […]

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