This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Coaching and Senior Facilitator at The Latimer Group. A Gartner Group study found that two-thirds of workers need to check in with more than one boss to get their work done. Yes, the rise of the matrix organization has contributed to this dynamic, but so too […]

America lost more than a well-known politician on Saturday, August 25. We lost one of the last leaders of a breed that is not only dying, but might perhaps now be extinct. We lost a politician who was not afraid to speak his mind, but always did so with respect and decency for those with […]

I was working with one of our best clients last week, FedEx. And during one of the workshops, one of the participants opened the presentation with a quote from Fred Smith, FedEx CEO and Founder: “If change makes you uncomfortable, then you are going to hate extinction.“ Despite the fact that I can’t be certain […]

This post was written by Brett Slater, Chief Social Media Officer at The Latimer Group. Dilbert by Scott Adams has been poking fun at corporate culture and workplace communication since its inception nearly 30 years ago. And the above comic from last Sunday is a shining example — one that hits particularly close to home […]

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Coaching and Senior Facilitator at The Latimer Group. In our awesome second episode of The Message Makeover (yes, I’m terribly biased), we look at the wildly interesting Elon Musk and the communications spree he’s been on lately. Tesla is burning through cash, they are struggling to […]

When you stand up to speak in a professional setting, there are three primary ways you are interacting with your audience: the message you have developed, the slides you have created, and the delivery skills you exhibit. All three matter, because all three impact your audience’s experience. Many people think about their work presentations this […]

My family and I were visiting my wife’s parents in central Mexico recently, when an extraordinary thing happened. We took our two children to a nearby playground, and there were lots of local children playing there at the time. Our son Zach, now eight years old, noticed two other children about his age, a brother […]

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council January 29, 2018. Not long ago, I made a decision about a key benefits program for my company. I was excited about it; I felt like I was making a good call for the whole team. That Friday afternoon, pumped up, I sent out a Slack message to everyone announcing […]

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council November 22, 2017. When we think about how to become better communicators, we often think about the tools we use: our data, our PowerPoint deck, our posture and poise. And these are crucial. But the real keys to sustained, long-term improvement and success as a communicator might surprise you, in […]

At The Latimer Group, our teaching model is based on the 4 Skills of Great Communication: Assess, Message, Document, and Deliver. In this new four-part series of our Soundwaves podcast, Dean shares the four skills of our model, through the story of The Latimer Group’s origin and evolution. As we conclude our 15th year of […]