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Category: Team Building, Teamwork

Virtual Meetings: Bringing A Remote Team Together

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, August 2018 It’s a fact of modern office life: We all have to conduct business remotely. And many of us have to bring together a team of far-flung colleagues or reports. We all know that absorbing information given to us over the phone or through video conferencing is much […]

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Can (And Should) You Be Friends with Colleagues?

Here’s a challenging one, with no easy answer. Do you make your work life harder if you become friends (non-romantically) with a colleague or colleagues? Does it become harder to do your job when your professional relationships are overlaid with personal friendships? I think the answer is “maybe.” Adding a personal component to a professional […]

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Followership is NOT a Bad Word!

Part of our coaching and teaching at The Latimer Group is about leadership. But in our client work, we rarely talk about leadership without also mentioning the importance of followership. We’re talking about it with a number of our clients, and they all like the concepts we are discussing: being a great teammate, listening well, […]

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Don’t Be Anyone’s “Last Straw”

This post was written by Brett Slater, Chief Social Media Officer at The Latimer Group. True story: This is my Grandfather’s camel. Years ago, when my grandfather was in the day-to-day grind, he was in a job that frustrated him. So he bought this little toy camel, and snipped off a number of straws from […]

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How to (Really) Make America Great Again

Don’t worry… this post is not an endorsement of any political figure, party or position. But I am shamelessly grabbing a well-known, and highly divisive, political slogan to make a point about the United States, and the state of our culture. As a country, we talk all the time about how to make our country […]

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The Three Keys To Transforming Your Communication

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council November 22, 2017. When we think about how to become better communicators, we often think about the tools we use: our data, our PowerPoint deck, our posture and poise. And these are crucial. But the real keys to sustained, long-term improvement and success as a communicator might surprise you, in […]

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Managing the Ego in the Workplace

My wife Emily and I have recently been going through some old files in our basement, clearing some stuff out and making some much-needed room in an already-crowded basement. And whenever one starts opening boxes from long ago, two things always seem to happen. You find some stuff, and wonder “why did I ever keep […]

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Expand Your Leadership Vocabulary

While Dean enjoys a little vacation time with his family, we’ll revisit some of The Latimer Group’s most popular posts. This is a great one for #LeadershipMonday. Hope it’s a great week. ~The Latimer Group I came across something worth sharing with you, that I think will help you refine your leadership vocabulary. If you […]

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