Expressions of Gratitude

Every day is a good day to express some gratitude. But the Thanksgiving season here in the United States seems like an especially good time to pause, reflect, and say “thanks” to those around us. My colleagues and I are putting the finishing touches on another very busy stretch of client time, and will spend the next few days catching our breath. We are closed for the remainder of this week, and then will come back on Monday ready for the final push to the end of the year.

So, as our team, and probably everyone else here in the USA, will be pausing for a few days, I would like to take a few moments and give some “thanks.”

I am grateful for the best colleagues a man could ask for, people who work hard, possess immense talent, challenge me, and make The Latimer Group look great every day.

I am grateful for the clients of The Latimer Group, the companies who have entrusted us to empower their employees with stronger communication skills. Without our clients, there is no Latimer Group.

I am grateful for The Latimer Group’s Board of Advisors, a group that has always, quietly and effectively, guided our decisions and helped us grow.

I am grateful to the friends and contacts who have always taken an interest in what we do, offered words of encouragement and shared our name with others.

I am grateful for the partners and vendors who support us every day, many of whom are fellow small businesses with similar DNA to The Latimer Group.

And finally, I am grateful for my wife who wakes up every day with a smile, and my children who give meaning to my life.

We live in a world where it has become easy to focus on the negative. But let’s all do our best to remember that there are things to be grateful for, in all of our lives. Sometimes the joy is obvious and easy to see. Sometimes we have to look for it. But it is always there. This blog is always about communication, and especially communication in the workplace. And there is no more important form of communication than a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

I wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

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4 responses to “Expressions of Gratitude”

  1. Dan Ezenekwe says:

    Very grateful for the impact your business has on my communication skills.
    Will use every opportunity to raise awareness of your services.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Teresa Fiore says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you Dean, and the entire Latimer Group!
    Thank you for your continued focus on the power of effective communications! – Teresa

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