Team Building, Teamwork

There are two ways we can get people to do what we want or need them to do: because we have influence over them, or because we have authority over them. We can have influence without authority, and we can have authority without influence. Influence comes from respect, collaboration, and credibility. Authority comes from title and your […]

The Absence of Conflict

Posted On December 6, 2023 BY

I love thinking about teams. I love considering the best ways to get a group of people on the same page, and working together towards a common goal. I love thinking about how to create an environment that will make great people want to be on the team. And here is one of my favorite […]

Every organization is a dynamic organism, in a constant state of evolution… sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting, sometimes getting stronger, sometimes weaker. What an organization needs at any given moment is likely to be different from what it needed one year ago, or will need one year from now. And it is important for leaders to […]

Good morning, friends! My colleagues and I coach people on their communication skills for a living… all day, every day, for the last 21+ years. Over that time period we have learned and re-learned a lot of things about communication, and the realities inside the typical corporate entity. In many ways, my teammates and I […]

Have you ever written or sent something to a colleague, client or partner, perhaps something important, that you worked hard on, and really looked forward to the ensuing discussion? You really wanted to hear their thoughts or you needed an answer? And then been surprised when no prompt response came? And nothing… still nothing… no […]

The world is a constantly evolving place made up of constantly evolving people with constantly evolving expectations. What does that translate into? A world where your skills need to be constantly evolving (obviously). But as obvious as the point sounds, that is a really hard thing for most people to achieve. Agility is a good […]

The conversations around creating inclusion in the workplace are critical to every company’s success. People want to be hired by, and stay connected to, organizations that make them feel like they belong, are welcomed, and have a voice. That’s just basic human nature. At The Latimer Group, we want to make sure that these conversations […]

We spend a lot of our time in workshops, on this blog, and in all our conversations with our clients, discussing the importance of good communication skills. We always talk about the power of listening, of being prepared, of having goals and talking points and plans… all of it matters. When you take a good […]

If you are like the vast majority of people we meet in our workshops, then you are struggling with too many meetings, too many messages, too many requests, and too many demands on your time. If you are like the vast majority of people we meet in our workshops, then the boundaries between your home […]

The Power of Inclusive Language

Posted On August 29, 2023 BY

Four years ago, things were going well for me and my colleagues at The Latimer Group. We were like a boat running hard downwind in a following breeze. The wind was blowing the dog off the chain, and we were barely holding on, white knuckles at all times. But even though the breeze was blowing […]