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Category: Team Building, Teamwork

The Difference Between Influence and Authority

There are two ways we can get people to do what we want or need them to do: because we have influence over them, or because we have authority over them. We can have influence without authority, and we can have authority without influence. Influence comes from respect, collaboration, and credibility. Authority comes from title and your […]

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Leadership Tips: Going Back to the Office

There have been a few moments throughout my coaching career when a single question appears that impacts the entire business community, regardless of industry, geography or company size. And right now is one of those moments. The universal conversation I am having with our client companies, the individuals I coach, my friends and business acquaintances, and […]

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Sharing Credit Builds Better Teams

Have you ever worked with someone who seems obsessed with taking credit for everything? I have, and it… is… awful. It is unmotivating, frustrating, and exhausting to be around someone who is constantly trying to remind you how great they are. All you ever hear from a person like that is some version of “look at […]

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Let’s Reframe “Right vs Wrong”

I recently saw a post on Instagram from a good friend, who also happens to be a highly effective child psychologist and successful author. Her name is Katie Hurley, and she posted the following: “When we replace ‘what’s wrong with you?’ with ‘what have you been through?’ we meet each other with empathy and compassion.” […]

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Remember the Lessons We Teach Our Kids

I am always amazed at how often there is a crossover between the things my wife and I speak with our kids about, and the conversations that come up in my work with clients. The context and the vocabulary is usually pretty different. But the essence of the discussions are usually the same. So, just […]

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A Simple Equation for Success

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group.  If by chance you, like many of us, have found yourself in a state of overwhelm at some point in the last 12 months, this may help. When we need to re-center ourselves, or bolster our confidence, or focus on a […]

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What Kind of Teammate Are You?

One of the themes that comes up in all of our leadership communication workshops is the concept of “how to be a good teammate.” People always seem interested in the steps towards being a better leader and a better teammate. People always seem to want to hear “first do this… then do this… then do this…” People […]

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Another Reason to Put Down Your Phone

(Writer’s Note: This post is actually a few years old. But I recently stumbled across it in our archive, and it remains just as relevant today as it was when I first wrote it in 2013. In many ways, this problem has gotten WORSE. Anyway… this is a problem many of us are prone to, […]

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5 Ways Poor Communication Can Hurt Your Organization

We all aspire to be better communicators. We all know that communicating well will help us accomplish our goals, drive good outcomes, and add value to our colleagues and customers, and generate business.  But while we all may agree on the benefits of good communication, we generally think about poor communication as a momentary setback. […]

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