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Category: Leadership

The Sign of a Great Team…

… is not the absence of conflict. The sign of a great team is the ability to resolve conflict, in a respectful and productive way. Of all the truisms I hold dear, this one has proven to be more true, more consistently, than any other. I first learned this truism when I was competing for […]

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How Have You Evolved?

Attention business leaders… every once in a while, it is really healthy to pause, look in the mirror, and examine if and how you have changed and evolved. We are all evolving all the time, in varying ways and at varying speeds. We are all always evolving.  But the real learning from that evolution often […]

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Followership is NOT a Bad Word!

(Writer’s Note: We pulled this one from the archive today, for two reasons: First, this concept of followership continues to be an important one, from our perspective. And second, my creative juices were not flowing this morning… I needed a little help from the archive! But in all seriousness, you can’t have good leadership inside […]

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It Is Time to Hold This President to Account

(Writer’s Note: We write about political issues and events on occasion in this blog, most of the time in the form of commentary on the dysfunction of our national political conversation, and always with a distinct effort to remain as apolitical as possible. This company enters the world as experts in persuasive communication, not in […]

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Leadership Tips: The Four Areas of Awareness

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council. In goal-oriented communication, few things are more important than creating a sense of connection between yourself and the person you are speaking to. When you are in the audience, what type of speaker captures your attention more: the one who speaks to your concerns, your needs and your circumstances, or […]

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When Bad News Makes You Pause

We all dread getting that call, the one with bad news about a friend. I got that call yesterday, with the news that a friend of mine named Geoff had passed away, suddenly and far too young. Geoff and I were not close friends. In my past life with the Olympic Sailing program, Geoff and […]

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The Balancing Act of Leadership Communication

The world is a constantly evolving place made up of constantly evolving people with constantly evolving expectations. What does that translate into? A world where your skills need to be constantly evolving (obviously). But as obvious as the point sounds, that is a really hard thing for most people to achieve. Agility is a good […]

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Check on Your People, People

We are now six months into a health crisis that has changed everything we do… the ways we work, go to school, socialize, shop, vacation, walk past others on the street… there are very few things that are the same as they were in early March 2020. When we all “went home” from work and […]

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