Have you ever led a meeting, handed out the slide deck, began discussing the topic and while still on slide 1 or 2, most of your audience has already flipped to the last slide? I’m sure you’ve seen this before… Perhaps you’ve been the one flipping to the last slide, or perhaps you were the […]

Solving For Time

Posted On April 27, 2023 BY

Good morning, friends! We have been having the same conversation over and over lately, with many different client companies. Many of our clients are looking closely into their own cultures, and asking themselves some hard questions. And among the topics that keep coming up is this one: “How do we communicate more effectively as a […]

The people we speak with, or to, are under no obligation to actually listen to what we are saying. With so many choices available for information and content, it’s very easy for people to “change the channel” away from you and your message, and divert their attention to a message more relevant to them. As […]

Our work at The Latimer Group is all about helping our clients build strong and powerful communication skills. And to do that effectively, we have to be able to help them assess two things: current strengths and weaknesses, AND a path towards improvement. One without the other just isn’t that helpful. Skill development, in any […]

The hardest thing for any subject matter expert (an “SME” in business vernacular) to do is to explain his or her area of expertise in simple and clear ways. When we are “in” it, when we are living the topic every day, when we know a lot about a certain topic, it often can be […]

The Art of Keeping it Simple

Posted On April 13, 2023 BY

Anyone who has ever worked with The Latimer Group, or read or listened to any of our content, will easily recall one of the primary tenets of our work – great communication requires that you understand who you are speaking to. We discuss this constantly — anyone who designs and delivers a message without being […]

Your audience will only remember a small percentage of what you say. Some studies suggest it will be less than 20%. Fact. Other studies suggest that the average adult attention span is now about 8 seconds. Bummer. So what do you do about it? We could simply surrender, and assume that this is the new […]

There is a theme that comes up in every workshop we teach… we live in a really noisy world. The world is indeed very loud, with a seemingly endless competition for mindshare and attention. And everyone we speak to is drowning in too much information, too many meetings, too much access, too little time. This […]

In our workshops, we talk all the time about making things simple. The simple answer wins the day most of the time. In a world that is increasingly fast-paced, time-starved, and overloaded with information, the person who can make complicated things simple and easy to understand rules the world. But when I talk about this […]

The Sign of a Great Team…

Posted On March 30, 2023 BY

… is not the absence of conflict. The sign of a great team is the ability to resolve conflict, in a respectful and productive way. Of all the truisms I hold dear, this one has proven to be more true, more consistently, than any other. I first learned this truism when I was competing for […]

A book about change

The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.