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Intent vs Impact

Here is a common scenario that I have watched and experienced many times: the words that were spoken/written by someone were received in way that was different from the intended impact. The message that was received or the feeling that was created was not at all what the speaker/writer was trying to send or create. […]

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How Have You Evolved?

Attention business leaders… every once in a while, it is really healthy to pause, look in the mirror, and examine if and how you have changed and evolved. We are all evolving all the time, in varying ways and at varying speeds. We are all always evolving.  But the real learning from that evolution often […]

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Do You, um, Distract Your Audience?

Have you ever, um, listened, um, to someone who, um, has a distracting pattern to the way they, um, speak? Or, like, have you ever, like, focused so hard on, like, one aspect of their speech pattern, that you, like, can’t hear anything else? OrHowAboutThePersonWhoSpeaksSoQuicklyThatEveryWordSeemsLikeItIs PartOfThePreviousWordAndTheAudienceCan’tRetainAnythingBecauseThe SpeakerWon’tSlowDown? Seemingly tiny distractions in your speech pattern can become a really big deal in the work place. Because once […]

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The Risk of Not Turning Your Video Camera On

My colleagues and I think about communication in very broad terms. We define our communication as more than just our words or our slides. Our communication is everything we bring into the interaction… our words, slides, body language, facial expression, attire, silence, questions… all of it contributes to what we communicate to people around us.  […]

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The Inaugural Address (Through the Eyes of a Child)

I missed most of the inaugural festivities on January 20th, due to a long day with several of our clients. But we recorded everything, and my wife and I made a date for that evening to sit and watch all of it. I have only been to one Inaugural, in 1988. But I watch every […]

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How to Boost Your Communication Value

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, November 2019. Have you ever gone into a presentation or a sales meeting convinced that you were about to deliver a slam dunk, only to come out feeling like you threw brick after brick? Have you ever introduced a new initiative to your team with great confidence that it […]

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Followership is NOT a Bad Word!

(Writer’s Note: We pulled this one from the archive today, for two reasons: First, this concept of followership continues to be an important one, from our perspective. And second, my creative juices were not flowing this morning… I needed a little help from the archive! But in all seriousness, you can’t have good leadership inside […]

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Level Up Your Listening

I spend a lot more time thinking about listening now than I used to. Why? I am not really sure. It could be my advancing age. It could be parenthood. It could be experience in my job. It could be the influence of some of the people in my life. Probably, it is a little bit of […]

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It Is Time to Hold This President to Account

(Writer’s Note: We write about political issues and events on occasion in this blog, most of the time in the form of commentary on the dysfunction of our national political conversation, and always with a distinct effort to remain as apolitical as possible. This company enters the world as experts in persuasive communication, not in […]

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