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How to Be Productive in an All-Access World

I recently got a great email from a client named Colin. We’ve done extensive work with his company over the last five years, and Colin will occasionally reach out and give me a great idea for a blog post or a podcast. Colin listed for me the ways that his colleagues can reach him: work email (which he […]

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Let’s Reframe “Right vs Wrong”

I recently saw a post on Instagram from a good friend, who also happens to be a highly effective child psychologist and successful author. Her name is Katie Hurley, and she posted the following: “When we replace ‘what’s wrong with you?’ with ‘what have you been through?’ we meet each other with empathy and compassion.” […]

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Let’s Stop Calling Communication a “Soft Skill”

(We recently had a conversation with a good friend of The Latimer Group, who said something really powerful to us. Our friend shared that her firm no longer calls communication a “soft skill.” Instead, they refer to communication as a “power skill.” We LOVE that, and it caused me to write this post, which has […]

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Controlling the Outcome of Your Communication

“That’s not what I said…”“That’s not what I meant…”“You’re not hearing me…” You’ve probably said at least one of those three things at some point in communicating with your colleagues. At first pass, they may seem like simple objections, simple statements to help steer someone to the point you’re trying to make. But if we […]

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Remember the Lessons We Teach Our Kids

I am always amazed at how often there is a crossover between the things my wife and I speak with our kids about, and the conversations that come up in my work with clients. The context and the vocabulary is usually pretty different. But the essence of the discussions are usually the same. So, just […]

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A Simple Equation for Success

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group.  If by chance you, like many of us, have found yourself in a state of overwhelm at some point in the last 12 months, this may help. When we need to re-center ourselves, or bolster our confidence, or focus on a […]

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A Real-Life Example of the Risk Your PowerPoint Slides Hold

We had a fascinating conversation with a workshop participant last week. He shared a real story, about a presentation he gave soon after he joined his current company. He worked hard at it, he prepared, and he was nervous, but ready. He made the presentation, it seemed to go OK, and then afterwards he asked […]

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The Courtesy of a Bit of Context

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group.  It’s easy to live inside our own heads. We know what we know. As a result, we sometimes start talking, telling a story, asking a question, making a statement, and then realize that the person we’re talking to has no idea […]

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