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In Praise of John Thompson, 1941-2020

I have spent a lot of time wrapping my head around Monday’s announcement of the death of former Georgetown basketball coach, John Thompson. For the last several days, I have been reflecting on what the man meant — to my alma mater, the sport of basketball, the fight against racism, and to so many people, […]

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Communicating in a Masked World

I was at an outside social event this weekend, in a spot near a street with a lot of background noise. Everyone was behaving well and had their masks on. And as I was there, I realized that it was my first time wearing a mask for an extended period of time, where I was […]

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Sharpen the Tools of Reflective Listening

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. I have gotten to that phase of life where people are sending me articles about how to manage teenagers. I have a 12.5-year-old and we’re doing fine, but we all know what’s coming. The most recent article was about why teenagers […]

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The Fine Line Between “Persuasion” and “Consensus”

We were having a conversation with a good friend and client of The Latimer Group last week. During our discussion, we mentioned some ideas around the concept of “consensus” as it differs from the concept of “persuasion.” Our work has always been focused on helping our clients build the skills of persuasion, and our clients value that […]

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Lessons from Desert Survival School

One night last week, I was going through some old files in my basement, and stumbled across a box simply marked “Desert, Spring 2002.” I knew immediately what it was… in May 2002, right around the time I was launching The Latimer Group, I took some time to clear my head and enrolled in an […]

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3 Steps to Simplifying a Complicated Presentation

Have you ever noticed that when people are making a business presentation, very often, they make the story sound super complicated? Have you ever noticed that once they sit down, and it is over, and someone asks simple questions, they can give simple, coherent answers? Have you ever listened to something they say in Q&A and […]

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Agreeing to Disagree

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. In our work, we focus most of our efforts on helping people to build consensus, create alignment, and get others on board with their approach or initiative or idea. We help individuals reflect upon their own goals and their audience’s goals […]

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Email Tone and How to Manage It

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. Have you ever opened an email, started reading, and, five words in, felt a strong visceral reaction? Perhaps it is a warm flush of gratitude and recognition, a tightness in your chest that holds excitement and opportunity. Or maybe it’s the […]

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6 Simple Rules for Speaking Well

Speaking well can be pretty hard. Speaking in a way that captures attention, and helps you achieve your business goals can be intimidating for lots of people. It is hard, in many ways. But the keys to success can also be pretty simple, if you think about it the correct way. So let me make this easy […]

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