The 4 C’s of Leadership Communication

Here are "4 C's" - 4 words you can think about to bring your leadership into focus.

It’s an increasingly complicated world in which to live and do business. We have more access to information, and more access to each other than ever before. As we process that information, distractions and “white noise” come at each of us every day, at an alarming rate, from seemingly every direction, which makes our jobs as leaders even more challenging.  Here are four words you can think about as you and your team filter through the “white noise” of 21st century business communication and work toward leadership success.

Clarity — In a complex world, the thing people want more than anything else is someone to show them the way through the chaos. A good leader is clear in her directives.

Collaboration – The more demands there are on peoples’ attention spans, the harder it is to get them all to focus on the same things and collaborate. It falls on the leader to make that happen.

Consensus – Again, the world in which we live makes building consensus harder and harder. Everybody has an opinion. Everybody believes they’re entitled to an opinion. Everybody believes their opinion matters more than yours or mine. And building consensus in such a world is no easy task.

Courage – In an increasingly complicated world, it takes courage to lead. It takes courage to stand at the head of the room and say, “I’ll take the heat. I’ll take the fall. I’ll be the one who puts my reputation on the line.” And the more complicated the world gets, the more courage is required.

Good luck.

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2 responses to “The 4 C’s of Leadership Communication”

  1. Andrea Merello says:

    This is so very true to me!
    I’ve always liked thou to ad two more Cs: Creativity and Compromise.
    More over, the order in which to list all those Cs makes their understanding a sequence of skills matching how they normally come needed while managing groups:
    creativity, courage, clarity, compromise, consensus, collaboration.

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