The Many Benefits of Clarity and Brevity


We are learning to deal with details and data, enormous amounts of it. We have spent the last 20+ years making massive improvements to the ways we create it, gather it, store it, share it, and analyze it.

But it is only recently that we have realized that all this information and data and details requires a new skill… rather, a skill that has been around for a long time, but now has renewed importance.

We need to be able to summarize it and explain it simply to others who don’t understand it, and don’t have much time or any attention span. That is our new challenge.

When we learn how to get to the point, with clarity and brevity, lots of things happen for us. People listen to us. They know we won’t waste their time. They feel respected. We gain more credibility. People are more likely to want to agree with us. We are able to speak more easily with executives above us on the org chart. We are able to explain things to anyone.

And perhaps most importantly, when we can get to the point with clarity and brevity, people don’t just describe us as great communicators. They do more than that. When we can communicate with clarity and brevity, people will say things like “I like the way she thinks…” or “She makes things so easy for me…” or “His meetings are always valuable…” or “She never wastes my time…

Getting to the point and speaking with clarity and brevity helps you in many ways. And it is the new competitive advantage.

Good luck!

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