When People Listen to You


We all know how it feels to have our time wasted.

Have you ever been in a meeting/presentation/conference call that seemed to have no purpose? Or where the speaker could not get to the point? Or where you wondered why you were even there?

[Pause for you to nod in agreement…]

Have you ever listened to someone and felt they were completely wasting your time? Have you ever listened to someone and thought to yourself, “This person needs to be better at presenting”?

[Pause for more agreement…]

Now, think about this… Have you ever considered whether people feel this way when they listen to you?

[Pause… just pause…]

That is the harder question. We tend to tolerate in ourselves behaviors that we will not tolerate from others. But spend a few minutes and consider your own skills. Are you able to clearly articulate the point? Are you able to get to the point, with clarity and brevity? Can you create context and relevance? Do you communicate value? Do you make it easy for people to remember what you say?

Do you speak in a way that respects other peoples’ time?

Think about it. Competitive advantage awaits you.

Have a great day.

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Photo by Tim Pierce used under the following license.


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