The Importance of Getting to the Point Quickly

fdr2“Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.”  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

We all complain about it, but we’re all guilty of it at times, as well. And in all our coaching, it’s one of the most common topics we run into with our clients.

It’s the growing frustration with people’s inability to get to the point quickly in their communication.

The simple fact is, if you want to be a more powerful, more effective communicator in the 21st century business world, then brevity in your communication is absolutely critical. Time and attention are in increasingly high demand and short supply in today’s business world, so you must always ask yourself, “What am I asking for? What’s my main message?” and then lead with it in your communication.

We’re not writing movie scripts, and we won’t win points for keeping people in suspense, so the traditional “slow build/big payoff” format of communicating won’t be effective. In the business world, unlike at the movies, we don’t want suspense. We want the main point to be made clearly, and up front, so we can then move on to the other dozen things that are currently vying for our mindshare at that moment.

And an added bonus: If you can successfully get to your point quickly, and in a compelling way, then you may also find that you get what you want more quickly, as well. Meetings and conference calls will end, sales may close, and contracts may get signed sooner than you expected because you were able to be clear and be brief in delivering your message.

Good luck.

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    Outstanding thank you very much!

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