Soundwaves: How to Be the “No Distraction” Colleague


Think about how you communicate in the workplace. Not just the words you use, or doing what you say you’ll do, or meeting deadlines, or smiling and being easy to work with. Assuming those traits are all a given, what about your “brand” among your coworkers? Have you given thought to how you, personally, are perceived among your colleagues?

At The Latimer Group, we believe there’s HUGE upside to being known as the “No distraction” colleague. By “no distraction,” we mean the kind of colleague who never wastes other people’s time. The person who always gets to the point quickly, whose meetings are always well-planned (and never longer than they need to be!), whose conference calls are always well-organized, and who’s always prepared.

Think about how you can use your communication skills to enhance your value in the workplace. And imagine the advantage that having a reputation like THAT would give you!

We wrote about the “No distraction” colleague in greater detail here. To listen to our latest Soundwaves podcast on this topic, listen below, or subscribe on iTunes.

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