Year-End Thoughts from The Latimer Group

We’ve been reflecting a lot lately here at The Latimer Group… not only on 2014, but also on the last 8-10 years. The business environment has changed dramatically: more demands on our time, more access to information, more channels to communicate than ever, social media, lean organizations, a cacophony of opinion on everything… the world has indeed changed a great dealt. It is harder than ever before to be heard, and even if you are heard, it is harder than ever to be remembered.

The most important things to focus on remain these: Get to the point quicklyMake the point clearlyCreate context and relevance for your audience… Speak with impact… Communicate value. If you do these things well, you will have significant competitive advantage.

We’ve been focused on these realities a lot at here at The Latimer Group throughout 2014, and for the last several years. We believe great communication skills can impact your results, your company, and your career progression in significant and dramatic ways. And we believe it has never been more important for you to be able to communicate in ways that are valuable to your audience and that do not waste their time.

That’s been our theme for 2014, and we will continue it with renewed fervor in 2015. Clients and friends of The Latimer Group will continue to hear us talking about knowing your audience, preparing well, and making the point quickly and clearly. And most importantly, we will be talking about the ability to persuade and influence outcomes. That is the key to the castle in 2015 and beyond.

We close our 2014 with a heart felt “thank you” to our clients and those who referred business to us this year. We are proud to work with such a strong list of clients, and equally proud of the fact that our client work this year took us to France, Singapore, China, Australia, Canada, and throughout the United States. We worked with people from over 25 countries this year, and that opportunity reinforces our belief that great business communication skills are critical everywhere in the world.

Have a great holiday season, and you will hear from us again soon after the new year.

Photo by Paula Bailey used under the following license.


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