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When we coach our clients on improving their persuasive communication skills, we don’t look at it as a matter of being “good” or “bad” at communicating. Obviously, not everyone communicates at the same level. For some, it comes very easily and naturally. For others, not so much. And for others, becoming more persuasive may be a brand new journey. But wherever you are in the process, success as a communicator comes over time, with practice and hard work.

In our coaching sessions, we help our clients improve via a three-level rubric… Beginning with what we call Professional Level communication, and graduating to Leadership Level, and ultimately, Executive Level communication:

  1. Professional Level communication is about being clear. When you prepare well, eliminate distractions, and make it easy for your audience to hear your message, you have hit the first threshold. Professional Level communication is primarily about clarity.
  2. Leadership Level communication goes beyond clarity. In addition, you are able to connect your audience to your message/point/recommendation. It is more than just clear. You are able to make your audience care about your topic, and connect it to their needs and interests.
  3. Executive Level communication goes beyond clarity and audience connection. You are also able to make it compelling. You do more than just connect. You compel people to act by clearly demonstrating the value. You are able to consistently persuade a response.

As you pursue your own skill development, and your own communication success, think first about clarity. Then think about finding ways to connect and make your audience care. And then think about finding ways to make your message compelling and get your audience to act.

Have a great day.

At The Latimer Group, our individual Coaching services are highly customized and designed to help you achieve your specific goals. Typical engagements focus on developing skill sets in Leadership Communications, Public Speaking, and Executive-Level Business Presentations. To learn more, e-mail us at


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