A Simple Tip for Communicating More Value


When you are giving a business presentation, do you tell people what you think is most important? Or do you find ways to demonstrate value from their perspective?

When we are talking about being more persuasive, this is one of the most important things to consider. If you want to persuade anyone of anything, you have to think about how to communicate your point in a way that will seem valuable to them. You have to make them care. If you want me to adopt your proposal, I am more likely to say “yes” if you demonstrate how it will be valuable to me, my team, our organization. If you want me to adopt your proposal, I am more likely to say “no” if you simply tell me what you think is most important.

In other words, try to move beyond your own perspective, and try to adopt your audience’s perspective. Try to demonstrate where the value is, from the audience’s perspective.

Good luck.

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