The Message Makeover Podcast: Adjust to be Understood, with Kellie Meiman Hock

Welcome to the latest episode of The Message Makeover Podcast. In this episode, Dan and I interview Kellie Meiman Hock on the art of international trade negotiations, and the importance of thinking hard about the person, people or group sitting across the table from you. 

Kellie is a Managing Partner at McLarty Associates in Washington, DC, and has had a thirty-year career working in foreign trade and investment, that has included stops at the State Department, the US Trade Representative and all across the Pan-American highway. Kellie and I first met in college and have stayed in touch ever since through many mutual friends, and a mutual love of baseball.

In our interview with Kellie, Dan and I learn more about Kellie’s Midwest origins, and how that background has informed her work negotiating on behalf of her clients, the USTR and the US Department of State. We learn more about how trade negotiations actually work, and how similar our teachings at The Latimer Group match up with what Kellie sees as mission critical negotiating tactics.

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Message Makeover.

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The Message Makeover Podcast: Adjust to be Understood, with Kellie Meiman Hock

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Looking for more from The Latimer Group?


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