How to Communicate at the Highest Level

Have you ever considered mapping your progress as a communicator? In short, the only way to REALLY be sure you’re improving as an effective communicator is to have some way to measure that improvement. When we work with clients at The Latimer Group, we use a three-stage rubric of Professional-, Leadership-, and Executive-Level communication… So how do we know at what level we currently communicate, and more importantly, how to get to the next level?

Let’s keep it simple.

Professional Level communicators know their MESSAGE well.

Leadership Level communicators know their message well, AND know their AUDIENCE well.

Executive Level communicators know their message and audience well, AND know THEMSELVES well. They’re confident in their knowledge of the message, they’ve tailored that message to their audience, and it’s delivered in a way that inspires that audience to ACT on the message.

When you communicate at the highest level, you’re firing on all pistons: you know what the audience cares about, what stories and details will resonate with them, and your own strengths and weaknesses as a speaker. Now, you’ve got command of everything in your power, and the audience is most ready to be PERSUADED.

The key to advancing to the next level, simply, is AWARENESS. Being aware of all the elements necessary to persuade an audience and get people to change their behavior is the key to communicating at the highest level. When you add awareness of the next element, your skills improve, and you advance to the next level.

Be honest with yourself: At what level do you currently communicate? And how will you advance to the next level?

We believe that great communication skills change the world. We transform people and organizations of all sizes with simple, repeatable techniques, through an integrated platform of corporate training, coaching, and asynchronous learning.

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The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.