To Change the Minds of Others, Change This About Yourself

Some of our most popular blog posts lately have been about how we communicate with each other, and the divide that’s so often formed when we’re faced with an opinion or viewpoint different from our own. And while there are plenty of examples we’ve written about from our President on this subject, it’s certainly not limited to him, and not just to politics.

The more we vilify those who disagree with us, the more we lash out in anger, and the less we listen, the less likely we are to move forward to a solution. To truly persuade, to truly change minds, we must, MUST come from a place of respect, empathy, kindness, and warmheartedness. This is true whether we’re discussing politics, the work we do, or what to have for dinner tonight.

We found a great video of an interview Arthur Brooks gave recently at the Harvard Kennedy School about what we should do when we’re faced with contempt in this way, and he echoed our thoughts on the matter.

This is an important conversation — one we intend to continue with our clients, colleagues and friends. We hope you’ll continue the dialogue with us.

Have a great day

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