Hey Friends, In the modern business world, there are really five ingredients that have to be present all the time for great communication to be possible. Depending upon who you’re “cooking” for, depending on what audiences you’re preparing for, you’re going to make choices of which of those ingredients needs to be most dominant. So, […]

The New Communication Age

Posted On May 1, 2024 BY

The world is moving fast, the information and the content are coming at us as if from a fire hose… time is precious… organizations are leaner… attention spans have dropped… and everyone is being socially conditioned to “change the channel” very quickly. In other words, there is a world of opportunity for the person (and […]

Good morning, friends! My colleagues and I coach people on their communication skills for a living… all day, every day, for the last 21+ years. Over that time period we have learned and re-learned a lot of things about communication, and the realities inside the typical corporate entity. In many ways, my teammates and I […]

Solving for Time | #LatimerAt20

Posted On October 26, 2022 BY

Good morning, friends! We continue our #LatimerAt20 journey today where we share our best communication insights. Over the last twenty years, our organization has learned a lot about the best ways to communicate, and what life looks like inside corporate organizations. And across every industry, and in every organization we have ever worked, we usually […]

Hello friends! Today we continue our #LatimerAt20 campaign, and share with you our best communication insights. Over the last twenty years, we have worked hard to build a communication model that provides the user with clear and powerful tools and frameworks, and have built a repeatable process that serves as a blueprint for preparation success. […]

Good morning, friends! Today we continue our #LatimerAt20 campaign, and share with you our best communication insights. Over the last twenty years, we have learned a lot about communication, and in particular what life is like inside corporate organizations. And what we have found, over and over and over, is that the biggest roadblocks to […]

Good morning, friends! It’s a noisy world out there, with lots and lots of things competing for everyone’s attention. And in this kind of a world, it is harder than ever for our message to cut above and through the noise, so that we can be heard. We all need to be heard. We all […]

Simon Sinek is a favorite around here. We’ve written about him specifically in the past, and there’s a huge overlap in many of the themes we teach… This is a great addendum to some of the posts we’ve written in the past on listening, understanding, and seeing the other side. Simon’s advice, Be the last to speak. Take […]

Ask anyone who performs at a high level: athletes, dancers, singers, etc. They all prepare and practice their skills the same way. They break their skill down into smaller “sub-skills,” then practice each one individually, then put them all back together, and their overall skill level has improved. The same is true with communication. “Great […]

Earlier this month, we published a blog post that was popular with our readers, with some tips for boosting your resilience and recharging your “inner battery” when aspects of life get difficult. Those tips can be found here, as well as in the latest edition of The Message Makeover Minute below. Enjoy! For more episodes […]