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Category: Presentation Skills

How to Make the Best First Impression

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. What elements stand out to you when you meet someone for the first time? We often hear about the handshake, appearance, warmth, and conversation. Making positive first impressions is highly important for our success – both professionally and personally. […]

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5 Tips for Gaining Attention and Mindshare in 2020

It’s hard to get people to pay attention any more. A lot of people believe that attention spans are shrinking. But regardless whether they are or not, here is an undeniable fact: there is exponentially more competition for mindshare and attention than ever before. So the net effect is the same — because there is […]

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Steve Jobs, On PowerPoint

One of my favorite quotes from the late Steve Jobs captures exactly how we feel about PowerPoint here at The Latimer Group: “I hate the way people use slide presentations instead of thinking. People confront problems by creating presentations. I want them to engage, to hash things out at the table, rather than show a bunch of […]

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How Good is Your Poker Face?

We spend a lot of time leading workshops for our client companies, and we are often impressed with some of the insightful things that are shared in those sessions. Some time ago, we were with one of our most significant client companies and a participant in the workshop, named Paul, started talking about the card game poker. At that […]

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Controlling the Outcome of Your Communication

“That’s not what I said…” “That’s not what I meant…” “You’re not hearing me…” You’ve probably said at least one of those three things at some point in communicating with your colleagues. At first pass, they may seem like simple objections, simple statements to help steer someone to the point you’re trying to make. But […]

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How to Communicate at the Highest Level

Have you ever considered mapping your progress as a communicator? In short, the only way to REALLY be sure you’re improving as an effective communicator is to have some way to measure that improvement. When we work with clients at The Latimer Group, we use a three-stage rubric of Professional-, Leadership-, and Executive-Level communication… So how do we […]

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Let’s Not Call Communication a “Soft Skill” Please

(We recently had a conversation with a good friend of The Latimer Group, who said something really powerful to us. Our friend shared that her firm no longer calls communication a “soft skill.” Instead, they refer to communication as a “power skill.” We LOVE that, and it caused me to write this post, which has […]

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The Hidden Key to Building Credibility

Let’s talk about building credibility… real credibility. Not the short term version of credibility that comes from a referral or a common friendship or the personal courtesy of someone giving you a chance. No… let’s talk about the long-term credibility that is built by you, your actions and your performance. Real credibility is created in […]

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How to Succeed in The New Communication Age

At The Latimer Group, we speak with our clients and friends all the time about the “New Communication Age” that we live in. Today, communication is not just about having or controlling information. Years ago, in an era when not everyone had access to all the information they needed, the best communicators were, in fact, […]

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