Become a Diagnostician

Posted On July 26, 2021 BY

The Olympic Games are happening this week and next, which will tell you everything you need to know about where my head is for the next few days. I love the Olympic Games, for many reasons. But near the top of the list is that I love learning about how elite performers became elite. And […]

Olympic sports have been a big part of my past professional life. I served as the Chairman of the US Olympic Sailing Program for 8 years, which means I led the organization responsible for all aspects of Olympic sailing in the United States. It was a big job, and one I enjoyed greatly. I recall a […]

We are sharing this post from our archive today, because it resonates in the current environment. We love goal setting at The Latimer Group. But we also love being clear about the tasks that will lead to the fulfillment of the goal. Be safe and healthy, dear friends. As some of you may already know, […]

“If you don’t hear these words and understand their importance, we are not going to get ‘there.’ And in my world, getting ‘there’ is winning a gold medal.” ~Luther Carpenter, US Olympic Sailing Coach Coaching people to elite performance is hard, under any circumstances. But it is especially hard at the Olympic Games, where you are […]

Managing the Ego in the Workplace

Posted On November 29, 2017 BY

My wife Emily and I have recently been going through some old files in our basement, clearing some stuff out and making some much-needed room in an already-crowded basement. And whenever one starts opening boxes from long ago, two things always seem to happen. You find some stuff, and wonder “why did I ever keep […]

Want to communicate at the Olympic level? Work on the 4 skills of great communication one by one, and when you put them all back together, you’ll be communicating at a much higher level. What are the 4 skills? Dean lays them out for us in the video below:   At The Latimer Group, our […]

I am going to write about Muhammad Ali today. And I won’t come close to doing justice to the man, his history or his legacy. I’m not sure anyone can. But let’s get a few things out of the way, in an attempt to at least attempt to gaze at the scope of his life […]

During a client workshop recently, the participants and I were talking about how different the world is now, compared to even twenty or thirty years ago. We were telling stories about life prior to email or the internet or 1000-channel-cable menus. I shared the fact that my kids have hardly ever seen a commercial because the television […]