I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about writer’s block. Well actually, I spent a lot of time this weekend puttering in my garden, and listening to podcasts while I was toiling away. And two of the podcasts were interviews with Aaron Sorkin, the famous writer of television shows such as The West […]

I was recently speaking to a close friend who had just attended a conference for her industry. The conference had been on the schedule since last fall, since right after the prior annual event. So, everyone knew this event was coming. But what transpired during the day-long conference last week was, in the words of […]

How do you prepare for that big sales call, or that important meeting with your boss? If you prepare at all (not trying to insult you, but a shocking number of people still try to “wing it”), and if you are like most people we meet, then your prep goes something like this… organize your […]

Building connection and relationships with our clients is the coin of the realm in business. There are lots of important inputs that lead to business success. But our clients and the relationships we build with them are the most important input of all, by far. It’s not even close. And as we all now know, […]

My colleagues and I talk and teach all the time about the power of strong communication skills. When we communicate effectively, The Latimer Group always says, we drive results. We get approvals. We connect with the people around us. So many good things happen when we can communicate well. But let’s add to that long […]

Looking for an easy way to have shorter meetings, waste less time, AND be more productive as individuals and as a team? Just follow our simple one-step process and you’ll be on your way in no time… Step 1: Simply get to the point. Think about the purpose of the meeting, think about why it […]

Maintaining relationships from distance is hard. Very hard. Whether it was the high school relationship you tried to keep together when one or both went off to college… or a marriage put to the test because of a job relocation… or a best friendship tested when one of you moved across country… there are countless […]

A survey from Raindance Communications looked at the issue of multitasking. And for those of you who regularly lead conference calls (like me), brace yourselves… the numbers ain’t pretty. These stats are a little dated but still eye-opening. According to this survey: 90% of people surveyed said they multitask while on conference calls; 70% reported doing other, unrelated work; 50% […]

I was listening in on a conference call last week, with a decent sized audience. The leader of the call was working really hard to manage the call, bring some energy to it, engage people. He had clearly spent a lot of time thinking about what he was going to say. His message was positive, […]

The last time my wife and I socialized in-person with friends was Saturday, February 29, 2020. Since then, in case you hadn’t heard, there has been a bit of a health crisis, that has made in-person socializing nearly impossible. Our family has been following all of the social distancing guidelines really carefully.  Quite simply, and […]