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Category: Meetings

How to Take Your Listening Skills to the Next Level

My colleagues and I always talk about the importance of knowing your audience, and preparing for your work communication correctly. We work with our clients on their ability to clarify the message and the ask, and to try to anticipate what the audience will care about, and the questions or objections they may have. And […]

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Presentation Tips: 3 Steps to Knowing Your Audience

My colleagues and I speak all the time about the importance of “knowing your audience.” And many people nod when they hear us discuss this, because we are certainly not the only people who preach this principle. But even though lots of people know about the concept, lots of people also don’t do it very […]

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Virtual Meetings: Bringing A Remote Team Together

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, August 2018 It’s a fact of modern office life: We all have to conduct business remotely. And many of us have to bring together a team of far-flung colleagues or reports. We all know that absorbing information given to us over the phone or through video conferencing is much […]

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Help Us Solve a Universal Business Problem

We’ve written on this topic before, but it is such a global business issue, that I am writing about it again. We have clients across a range of industries and on five continents. And no matter where we go, no matter what the industry is, everyone complains about the exact same thing. Everyone wants their […]

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The Secret To Better Meetings

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, July 2018. Meetings are a ubiquitous part of the modern office across all industries. Think of meetings as a company’s blood flow: When they are well-run, ideas and decisions flow through them like oxygen through veins, invigorating every aspect of the business, stimulating new ideas and pushing strategy […]

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Communicating Respect: Nine Simple Ways To Build Credibility

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, July 2018. Showing your audience respect has a lot of great payoffs. It makes your audience feel engaged and positive, it can enable a culture of buy-in, in which people feel committed not only to execute a plan or implement a new product but to make it succeed, […]

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